Saturday 31 May 2014

New Neighbours

I hadn't said anything, but I had a bit of a scare with Crunchie this week.

Thankfully a run to the vet proved it not to be the scary thing I thought it was and just a neck injury. Apparently after 11 years of racing/training without an injury or illness, the Old Man wanted to know I cared enough to spend money on him at the vet (as if there was ANY doubt).

The result of it though is that Crunchie has moved to a new place in the kennel.

Let me fill in some background.

None of our spots in the dog yard are 'fixed'. Dogs move to new spots in the yard over the year and their lives. I like them to have new neighours and get to know other teammates well. I think it helps them work harmoniously in harness. That is except for one spot in the kennel, the stakeout closest to the house.

For many years that was the domain of Grover, the best sled dog I've ever run. It's a good spot. You get prime viewing on BAIT TV, can keep an eye on the happenings in the house, are first to be fed, etc., etc. He loved his spot.

After he passed I thought I'd leave it empty for a bit, but that seemed to only make the 'hole' in the dog yard even more noticeable, so Grover's first born son, Crunchie - a young male that had already stolen my heart - moved in. For about 7 years that has been Crunchie's spot.

But with a neck injury, he needed to be off a chain anyway, so it seemed like a good time to admit that he was starting to age (he's 13 next month) and move him up to Geriatric Park.

He's now rooming with fellow 13 year old 'bachelors', Hector and Herman. Introductions were effortless, although Crunchie was not pleased when I walked out of G Park without him and he sat in the corner of the pen closest to the house staring at it with his beady, dark eyes for several hours last night. I could feel them boring into me through the walls. I poured myself a Jack Daniels and turned the TV on.

We don't have many hard and fast 'rules' in the kennel in terms of hierarchy or such, except that Crunchie is always the first fed. So the Seniors were OVER THE MOON delighted to discover that G Park moved to the head of the feeding line as of this morning.

But that left a hole in the main yard...

...many holes, actually, but I was speaking more figuratively!

Anyway, there was much discussion last night throughout the yard as to who that spot belonged to. Grover children, like Wolvie, argued about being next in line to the 'throne', Turtle argued he was Crunchie's first born son, Smartie recruited her Auntie Colleen to plead her case as first born daughter, Tess insisted as 'main leader' she was went on and on and on.

In the end, I chose to go with 'tradition' and gave the spot to Crunchie's first born son - Turtle.

Turtle has been strutting around most of the morning humming songs from the Lion King soundtrack and checking out his new digs.

I might have created a monster.

Turtle's spot was claimed by another Crunchie son, Chewy. He's loving all his new neighbours!!!

The yard will likely be buzzing all day as everyone gets acquainted with each other and explains the 'rules' peculiar to each 'neighbourhood' of the dog yard.

Crunchie? Well he is stoned on pain meds and napping away in G Park without a care in the world.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Lessons - Bet

Auntie Bet, the others pick on me, can you teach me some of your ninja moves?

Of course little Pete, it's very, very easy, once you know all of the tricks, first lay on your back and look helpless while I attack you

Now use your paws to shove me away

GACK, right in the throat, very good.  It's hard for your attacker to clamp onto your throat with your feet in their neck

Ok, now I'm going to try to bitey face you,  just swing up into a downward dog position

See how I can't clamp onto your face at this angle?  Now you charge forward underneath me

Oh Petey honey, be careful sweetie, don't hurt the Border Collie thing!  I won't Mom!

Finding a hard surface to back against is a great idea, I can't get to your scruff and you can use it as leverage

Great skulking maneuver, stay low, ears back but you need to get your tail down, that's prime grabbing material there

Ok, so now that I have your scruff, what are you going to do?

Um... I don't know!!!

Pete, Pete!  You just can't stand there, that's when the scruff shaking starts and you'll never get out of it, you have to fall over!

Hey, whatcha doing Auntie Bet!  Can I chew on Pete next?

Ok, so now I have you pinned down, what do you do now?

Hey Auntie Bet, did you hear the dinner bowls being prepared?  Huh?

Oh good one, you distracted me and bounced up for the charge, that's fantastic!  See how easy that was?

Yippee!  You're right!  That was easier than struggling, then screaming for help!

Ok, so let's do it again...

Bitey, Bitey leg got you on your back....

Hey Auntie Bet, I think the Musher said she was making waffles today

Waffles?  Really?

Oh HO!  You got me on that, now I'm coming in for the scruff bite!

Gotcha... now what do you do?

Hold on Auntie Bet, I have an ear scratch...

Fooled you again Auntie Bet!

Oh little Petey, you are getting good at this, I'm very proud of you

Now go chew on Roxie and try out your moves... 

Sunday 11 May 2014

Puppy Update - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Been very busy doing the Auntie duties with the Molly Toddles and such, and what with the "it's spring, it's winter, it's spring, it's winter, it's ... ohfortheloveof..."  weather around here, there's just been so many baths, so many stuffs and things... ooosh where does one find the time to blog with all that.


It just seems like yesterday that we had this

Little squeeky sausages in the pool, all cute and adorable with their pink feets and eyes closed.  So adorable, so cuddly.

Then BOOM!  Before you know it, their eyes are open, they're escaping, they get into everything, they grow sharp pointy pointy teeth and start gnawing on sensitive Border Collie parts and need to start learning life lessons (like don't gnaw on sensitive Border Collie parts), and they get put into a bucket

and unmercifully thrown outside into the wilds of the puppy kennel!!!  Oh the Pupmanity!!

Where they really like it because there's new and exciting things to chew on and attack and pounce on, and play, and get muddy, and ...  well, there's only one safe place when that happens...

Someone needs to go down there and teach them things... I'll stay up here and keep a lookout Molly!
So, yeah, we've been a bit busy here at North Wapiti lately... but we promise, we'll get back to the business of blogging all about it starting now, so sit back and enjoy the trip that's about to come (you may want to pack some dramamine... and perhaps some snacks.).

- Bet

Monday 5 May 2014

What's New - Bet

Um.... errr.... just doing some cleaning, nothing to see here!

- Bet