Monday 23 June 2003

June 23, 2003

Puppy Update
Good Morning! I thought I'd give you all an update on the kids. All 4 are doing fine and growing like weeds. It has been really interesting to watch the different ways the pups are maturing, as the litters are only 2 days apart and the sires are littermate brothers. The difference is that Oreo is one of our more 'show lines' bitches and Kluane is all 'racing lines'.

The winner of the 'First to Walk' contest was Q - the male in Kluane's litter. He is also the winner of the 'First Eyes to Open', which happened yesterday. Actually, both of Klu's pups are quite 'on their feet' as compared to Oreo's litter. These guys are much 'longer' looking puppies too. Oreo's definitely are fuzzier and chubbier, but they are starting to take some wobbling steps too. 

Oreo has decided to accept the task of keeping her puppies clean. Actually, she could now give Klu some lessons on how to keep puppies spotless :) Oreo is not as possessive as most of our Mom's are though, so if I sneak one into the family room to watch TV with us, she rarely even comes out looking for it.
Anyway, that's the news for today. Both Kaylinn and Jumper are showing signs that they are pregnant - hopefully they are hiding more then 2 puppies in there! :)