Saturday 27 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 7, The Finish - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Day 7 of RAGBRAI started out on a bittersweet morning.  Happy to finally be reaching their destination, but sad that their journey was about to end.

Because of RAGBRAI, the Musher got to meet new fans and old fans, and even fans so determined to meet her, they followed the Winter Chick direction signs

She got to see a new state up close and personal, try new foods, enjoy the company of like minded peoples, and test herself on a 440 mile endurance test.

So, Day 7, the final journey began.

The final leg of the journey began in Fairfield and would end with the participants dipping their tires in the mighty Mississippi.

Another beautiful day for biking, and wanting to make the journey a little bit longer... and because sometimes ya gotta go and a cornfield isn't very dignified, they Winter Chicks stopped in West Point

Around 1pm Central time, they cruised to the finish at Fort Madison, and dipped those well worn wheels into the Mississippi, then celebrated under the not so burled but covered in bicycle arch.

Congratulations Winter Chicks, you have arrived!

I'm very proud of you!

Thank you Iowa for taking care of my Musher, and treating her so well and thank you to the RAGBRAI coordinators, you put on a heck of a party.

Extra special thankity thank you very much you are so wonderful and fantabulous to the extraordinary Shelly RAGBRAI Minion!  Without you, this wouldn't have happened and I'm forever grateful for everything that you did to make the Musher happy, safe, and comfy without me.

- Bet

Friday 26 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 6 - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

This will be the most boring update ever... because the interwebs are not cooperating with the Musher, Shelly RAGBRAI Minion, or Helen (smells like team spirit) Handler.

The stormy storms weren't so ferociously stormy stormy, just a lot of rains and more rains and a little bit of winds, but they managed to stay secure in the Winter Chicks Coop without incident.

The morning was a bit damp, but nice out

So they started pedaling to the next destination

They left the friendly Oska who was loosa and pedaled 52 miles to Fairfield

And it was a good day.

That's it... that's the only thing I got today... boring... I can hear all of you yawning.

So... here's a cute picture of Vader

- Bet

Thursday 25 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 5 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Once again, the Winter Chicks were pedaling their way across the great big ol state of Iowa.

Yesterday they got to spend some time with Shelly RAGBRAI Minion doing more shopping, eating, shopping, some eating, and relaxing.

The Musher telling Shelly how wonderful I am
Bright and early this morning, they set off for their next town

I told the Musher before they left that they better tighten their Oskas because where they were heading....

Anyhoo, it was a beautiful morning

The Musher was able to find a cool place to stop and take a scenic picture

When they got to Oskaloosa, they were easily able to navigate to the Winter Chicks Coop because of Shelly's awesome sign placement.  Apparently the British Broadcasting Corporation needed to  stop and turn around... perhaps they were riding on the wrong side of the road (hehehe, Richard will get that).

They found that their trusty Sag Wagon RAGBRAI minion had set up the Winter Chick Coop and had everything ready for them... Thank you for taking such good care of my Musher and Helen (smells of sno cones and ice cream) Handler.

The Musher was able to get some lounging time on a more comfortable seat

Some eagle eyed Facebooks fans noticed the dog tracks on her leg and wondered if the Musher was now going to get a bicycle tattoo...

The Musher kindly pointed out that she had lovely bicycle chain tattoos already, but they are not permanent, thankfully.

Although the trip so far has been pretty and shiny and warm and glowing and beautiful... the weather report says that it may get really stormy stormy tonight with hail and winds, and raining tomorrow on their trip to the next town.

Let's all cross our fingers... and paws, and hope the stormy storms aren't bad and the rain goes away for yet another nice bike ride for the Musher and Helen (who would smell of soggy cookies) Handler tomorrow!

- Bet

Wednesday 24 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 4 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Thanks for asking what I was doing while the Musher was biking and eating tasty foods across an entire state.  I've been very busy.


After the Musher and Helen (who smells of all sorts of tasty road foods and cookies) Handler made it to Des Moines and the Musher met all sorts of even nicer peoples who came to listen to her Tales of the Trails thing (I'm alluring, I do everything, I'm amazing, and blah blah blah), afterwards it was time to hit the food places.
This little gem is a FRIED apple caramel pecan pie, and apparently it was very delicious... sigh.

Then there was homemade ice cream that was churned right there and then by machine things and not by Tic running on a treadmill while being shocked with a bug zapper... not that we've ever done anything like that... no... never.
The Musher had raspberry, because that's my most favorite.

Then there was some sitting around while listening to music and relaxing
So generally, this seems to be a huge rolling block party, and I'm ultra jealous that I didn't demand to come along in the Wizard of Oz basket so I could partake of friendly peoples, good foods, and stuffs and things... sigh

Day 4 started out with coffee... of course

and then pedaling off to the next town
Today it was Extra Large Indigo jersey day... or something in roman numerals, but I never learned roman numerals... I mean why learn numerals from an ancient society when now we have perfectly good regular numerals, it just seems all pretentious and snooty to use old numbers like that... 

ANYHOO... today's ride was another 50 miles to the wonderful town of Knoxville, which apparently isn't in Tennessee because that would be a LOT more than 50 miles.

There was much bike riding

There were some hills and scenic streety streets

And the Musher got to ride next to a nice woman and talk about that woman's business.  Now I'm not sure what type of business this woman owned, but apparently she didn't mind talking about it to complete strangers.  I do hope that it is a successful business at least.

As you can clearly see, the Musher is still smiling and keeps posting random things on her personal Facebooks page about what a WONDERFUL time she's having, and how much fun it is and salmon spawning and I can only guess that she needs to drink some more water or something.

Oh good, the Musher seems to have found a sno-cone the size of a basketball, that should help keep her hydrated!

Of course, what could be better than tasty foods, good company, exercise, bicycling across a whole state... oh of course... SHOPPING!

No Musher, not the purple bandana, noooo!

No!  I said NO!  Not the purple!!!  Put it back now!

Yes, that's much better, it goes with your eyes and would make a FABulous ensemble!

See, I told you, perfect!

Look who also rode out and met the Winter Chicks!  It's Shelly RAGBRAI Minion!

So, another day is done and it looks like they are about halfway done (I haven't been keeping track).

That's it for today!


Tuesday 23 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day 3 - Bet

Howdy Ho everbodies!

Well, after a very rough 83 miles of riding, the Musher and Helen (after a shower smells like cookies again) Handler were happy to be in Perry

They took advantage of the local foods by sampling a gigantic pork chop from the famous Mr. Pork Chop
Stop taunting me with the tasty foods
Then took advantage of Shelly RAGBRAI Minion's son and daughter-in-law's generous and thoughtful accommodations out of the nasty nasty elements where they roosted for the night.

The next day, off again early for the next stage

Thanks to the night's storms, it was a bit foggy but a lot cooler than yesterday.  Of course, there were the obligatory traffic jams

The Sag Wagon was feeling a bit of the Iowa heat and road dirt, but turning dirt into lemons... or something... Shelly RAGBRAI Minion made the best of it

Today the Musher and Helen, and Shelly Minion in the sag wagon made for Des Moines.

A mere 50 miles from Perry to Des Moines, and apparently it was college Jersey Day, but I'm pretty sure cows who went to college can't ride bicycles and therefore this tradition will most likely go by the wayside next year.  Oh wait, jersey... not guernsey... nevermind.

The Musher pondered: "I can't decide whether Ragbrai is more like spawning salmon or migrating caribou....basically just a continuous flow of cyclists that you just break off of or join into as whim decides!!!!! It is truly a cool experience!!!"
The spawning caribou migrating or something
 Once they reached Des Moines, there was more foodables

The Musher then gave a Tales of the Trails at the shelter @ Ashby Park on 38th St, just south of Douglas Ave, Des Moines.

And a good time is still being had by all

- Bet

Monday 22 July 2013

RAGBRAI Day Two - Bet

Hooo boy everybodies!

Today was a looooong day for the Winter Chicks!  Today's leg of the RAGBRAI was from Harlan to Perry and it was a whopping 83 miles!!!!

That's a LOOOOONG way to pedal, I'll tell you!

The morning started early for the Musher and Helen (who probably doesn't smell too much like cookies after today) Handler.

At 6:30 am, they pushed their bikes toward the start of Monday's leg.

creak, creak, creak, snap, pop, groan
Then it was off toward the exciting town of Perry, where I heard there was some tasty pie waiting.

Check out the photo galleries on the official RAGBRAI wed site thingie.

At Mile 46, the Musher took a moment to lay under a majestic tree in the shade and relax for a bit.  I heard it's a bit sultry there, and when I say sultry, I mean anything over 66 degrees F.

More pedaling ensued, and even more pedaling, and some sweating was involved, and the drinking of lots of water was constant, until they made it to mile 62...

At which point a mandatory rest period was called.

Finally, after 12 hours of pedaling, the Winter Chicks arrived in Perry and collapsed at their roost.

23 hours ago, the Musher exclaimed: "Having way more fun then I could have imagined!!!! Yeah RAGBRAI!!"

We shall see where her fun meter is tomorrow morning when once again, they mount up and start pedaling, this time a mere 50 miles to Des Moines!

- Bet 

Sunday 21 July 2013

Let's Get Ready to RAGBRAI! - Bet

And they're off... ok, so they left quite a while ago, but I was napping.

I've discovered that the comfy couch has a feature where this little me-sized bed pops up on the end.  It's the perfect size!


With no further ado... there goes the Musher!!!

ZOOOOOOOM or something.

Each day the riders have to get from one place to another.  Today they have to go from Council Bluffs to Harlan... you can follow them sorta on the daily maps.  Here is today's map:

The routine is:  Camp out in the spacious and luxurious Winter Chicks Coop (or with somebodies they know)

In the morning, the riders leave while the Sag Wagon peoples clean up the camp
Pack everything up in the Sag Wagon and drive to the next checkpoint, set up the Winter Chicks Coop and prepare for the riders to arrive with cocktails on the veranda.

But with all of the peoples riding bikes in this thing how will they ever find their Winter Chicks Coop?  I'm glad you asked... of course the very smart Shelly Minion thought of that, which is why the Minions created signs that only the Musher would understand.  We couldn't possibly have other peoples showing up at the Coop wanting cocktails, so...

 Shelly Minion will staple the signs to various and sundry stationary objects to guide the Musher to the Coop!

While Shelly is hard at work, driving and navigating, and herding the Musher and Helen (smells of cookies) Handler... the Musher is seeing new sights, new things, new smells, and new adventures.

For instance, the Musher has discovered corn.
Because Canada doesn't have corn... or corn this tall... or something.  Oh wait, maybe she's doing her impression of Shoeless Joe Jackson in that Field of Dreams movie because that was in Iowa!!!  Yeah, that's it... totally.  If you bike there, they will come!

- Bet