Monday 29 September 2014

A 'Bet' Day

I've been away in Nova Scotia doing a seminar. I didn't get home till 12:30 last night and my BFF was beside herself to see me. She danced and carried on - quite unlike her - and wouldn't let me sleep after I crawled into bed. I took that as a hint, so when it turned out I had to make a trip to the city today to buy a new router for the computer, I decided it was a good day to make a 'Bet Day'.

After Mark left for work, I went out to say 'hi' to the Siberians, did a few chores, loaded up my Surly bike, and my Border Collie.

We ran a few errands, got the new router and then headed over to Terwilliger Park. Bet doesn't often pay much attention to where we are driving, but she does know the road into the sprawling dog park, even though it had been over a year since we had been.

I'm not a big fan of dog parks, but this one is SPECIAL!!! Framed on three sides by the North Saskatchewan River this is a 460 acre JEWEL in the middle of a city. It is covered with trails for walkers, bikers, and off leash dogs!!!!

 The North Saskatchewan was quite low, so we were even able to bike alongside the river in a few spots!

Are you sure we should have taken that right turn Bet???? Last time I'm listening to you!!!
Bet isn't big on other dogs interacting with her - she's not scared, but thinks they lack manners and couth. Thankfully, with all the room and trails we can avoid a good number of the big packs of dogs.

 She even acted like a 'dog', waded into the river and had drink of water!!! SHOCKING!!

It was a glorious fall day and it was hard to eventually start to work our way back to the van - despite our tired bodies!

Taking a break along the river!

Bet - did you enjoy your 'Bet Day'???? Bet??????

I'll take that as a 'yes'.

Friday 19 September 2014

Happy Birthday Musher Mark! - Bet

Today Musher Mark turns 50, and the Musher asked me to make up a "normal" card for him... this is about as normal as it gets around here.

Happy Birthday Musher Mark!

Thursday 18 September 2014

Dear Bait

Dear Bait,

First off, I would like to issue an apology to you for assuming you were to blame in the 'incident' regarding the dead squirrel that was partially consumed in the bathroom last week. In light of your previous track record, it seemed like an reasonable conclusion.

About the time that I leaned over to sweep the dead bird that KD had brought into the house into a dustpan this morning I thought that maybe I should reconsider. As the 'dead' bird came to life and started flying around the house I was certain I should reconsider. As I was chasing KD and the 'I'm not dead yet' bird around the house, it became VERY clear that you had been unfairly convicted.

So I publicly and humbly apologize.

Also, in a VERY related matter, I would like to inform you - and perhaps you can mention to KD and Tic - that from this moment forward the cat door in the back screen door is out of service. All cats must pass through a security check, with the possibility of pat downs and x-rays, before you will be allowed to enter the house.
Any attempts to circumvent this security may result in permanent banishment from the house.

Please feel free to appeal this decision with your beloved Dad when he gets home from work, but I assure you, if he is smart, he will support my decisions.


The Musher 

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Driving Mr. Lazy

Some of you might remember my blog from July about Mark's Stupid Cat (aka Bait) catching a ride home from the woods on my ATV (TAXI!!!!!!!!) well, it seems that this has become a habit for Bait now.

In fact, he has taken to coming out into the woods while I'm out doing chores and waiting for me to come by on the way home.

That's Bet (who was running home ahead of the ATV) on the left, Bait on the right.
I stop and he beelines for the ATV.

Today he opted to ride on the back rack. He says it makes him feel more like he is being chauffeured. 

"To the house Driver"

"I hope you are not expecting a tip"

"The ride was bumpy, you were rude and unprofessional suggesting I was getting too heavy to be a passenger..."

"...and this thing stinks like a dog peed on the tires"

Have I mentioned my desire for just ONE normal pet????

Monday 15 September 2014

NorthWapiti's Charge

NorthWapiti's Charge 
August 2, 2004 - September 11, 2014

Although I haven't said anything, Charge has been battling cancer for over 4 months. Like he did everything in his life, he gave it his all.
I think I had so much faith in the toughness of this dog that I believed he would beat it right up to the end.
Over the years I have referred to him as 'The Perpetual Motion Machine', he was a true powerhouse of a dog.

He loved his people, but he was a working dog at heart. He ate, lived and breathed to run. I have NO DOUBT that every morning he woke up and said 'thanks' for being a sled dog.

The last morning of his life, despite his cancer ravaged body, as I hooked up dogs he ran around barking and trying to convince me to take him.

Many dogs have passed through my life. All were loved - but some ..... well.......let's just say for some it takes four days to be able to sit down and share the news of their loss.

Sunday 14 September 2014

Busy, Busy, Always Busy - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

Yes, yes, I know, I've been busy!  You see, a nanny's job is never done, even when the pups are big (sometimes bigger than me), there's always training to do, and it's my job to make sure the pups are well balanced, well behaved, and most of all, Pretty Curly Tails.

Take, for instance, the Molly Toddles.

They've been a very challenging litter, to say the least.  They seem to think that they are the bee's knees, or something like that.

Once in a while, they just get it in their head that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and to whomever they want... pffffft.


Was it you?  Who's an old lady now???

The kicking back feet won't save you from my Border Collie wrath!

Um, seriously?  There's no peanut butter in my ear

HEY HEY!  You can poke an eye out with that paw

Thanks for the assist, and no I'm not tired, I'm just getting my wind or something

GEEZER!!!  Did you just call me a geezer???


Do you give up?  Do you think I'm still an old geezer???

No?  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr get ready for the ruff shake!!!!


Auntie Bet... you're drooling on me

WELL, that'll teach ya!

I'm sorry Auntie Bet, you aren't a geezer

Oh yeah, I still have it!!!

Let me just rest my eyes a bit, I'm fine, no really... it's all good
Later that day I had to save the kennel from a horrible beasty

I SEE  YOU SQUIRREL!!!  Leave the Pretty Curly Tails bowls alone!!!

See... I'm so ferocious, that the squirrel has probably packed its bags and left the country.

Friday 12 September 2014

"Let Me Get This Straight...."

"So, ", KD asked, "is is true that every critter here at the kennel has a job and a purpose?".

Yes, KD, it is.

"Okay, we all know that the Curly Tails pull sleds through the cold and snow, what do Cricket and Bear do?"

They protect all of us from the wild creatures that live in the woods....

"Right! What about that freaky little Border Collie, Bet?"

She helps teach the baby Curly Tails some of the things they need to know to become top notch sled dogs.

"And what do Bait, Tic and I do?"

Well, you keep mice and squirrels out of the house and from eating our stores of dog food.

"But I can't catch mice and squirrels yet"

I know. Bait and Tic take care of that for you.

"So, let me get this straight......."

 ".....the Curly Tails run for hours on end in the cold and snow pulling sleds...."


".....the guard dogs are up all night scaring lions and tigers and bears away from the place...."

Well, not lions and tigers...but yes bears and wolves and coyotes and other wild critters.

".. Bait and Tic have to kill little potential disease carrying rodents...."


"....and I lie around all day and sleep in the house???"



"I've got it made in the shade!!!!!"

Oh yes, little kitten - yes, you do.