Friday 9 November 2018

2019 North Wapiti Calendar Pre-Order

Update: The Calendar pre-order is now closed.  If you are still interested in obtaining a calendar, please contact the Minions at and if there is enough interest, we may make another bulk order.

Howdy Ho, Everybodies!  

In case you aren't on the Facebooks (that new fangly technology where all of the stuffs and things are happening), we announced that you can pre-order the most amazing, colossal, stupdendously beautiful 2019 North Wapiti Calendar EVER... or something.

If you are all like "OH NOES we missed our opportunity", no you didn't!!  We are still taking pre-orders but better still, we will pick THREE (not one, not two, not four, but THREE) lucky peoples who pre-order and they will win a special addition, not available in stores, never to be seen again, you will be the envy of all of your friends BEAR SWAG thingie!!!

All you have to do is order at least one calendar before midnight MST on Tuesday (November 13th, 2019).  For  those of you that have already ordered, don't freak out, you already got your magical, mystical number too, you are included in this whole shabang drawing.  You get a number, you get a number, everybodies gets a number... but only if you order before midnight 13 November!

Then, through the magic of the interwebs, we use a scientific random number generator that uses cat levitation to pick three numbers and whoever belongs to those three numbers WINS!!!!!!


First winner selected gets to choose their prize, second winner gets to pick from the two remaining prizes, and the third winner.....gets what's left! We'll try to mail the prizes with your calendar(s). 

So.... what can you win???

This fantabulous metal ornament with holiday greets from Bear

OR this awesome and functional soups in a can cooler 

OR this even more awesomer notebook where you can doodle, scribble, or write down life advice from Bear such as:  "Soups are good".  Or "Is the soups ready", or even: "What's up with these chickens?"

So order your calendar TODAY----we have fewer than 15 available, so don't be pokey-pokey and click on the linky-linky below.

If you have questions, post them here or email our hard-working Minions at