Saturday 27 December 2014

Chlout's Herman of NorthWapiti

Chlout's Herman of NorthWapiti
August 28, 2001 - December 27, 2014

The other morning I made the comment that when I step into Geriatric Park and see my 3 senior boys bouncing at the fence, knowing all is right in their world, all is right in mine.

This morning that was not the case. Only two bright, bouncy dogs jumped at the fence. I found Herman in his dog house in pain. I helped him out and he went straight for his food dish. Maybe he just slept wrong, I hoped to myself, really already knowing that was not the case.

This afternoon I kissed his nose and whispered in his ear as he was freed from his pain.

In reading the bio I wrote for him many years ago, I used one word to describe him that stood today as much as it did then - irreplaceable.

He was quirky and sometimes just downright weird, but every step he ever took in harness he lived up to his nickname, 'The Hermanator'.

Thank you Herm.  I will miss you heaps.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Twas The Night Before Christmas - Bet

POUTINES!!!!!  Come inside so I can read you a story before bedtime!

Ok, are you all ready for your bedtime story?  This involves the mystical and magical Santa Claws, who brings us all sorts of goodies tomorrow, like shrimp and pasta, waffles, and fluffy clouds!!!!

There's no such thing as Santa Paws!!!!

Oh little gravy Gem, yes there is... he comes every year and he gives us all sorts of goodies in his gigantic bag of goodies... he drives a sleigh and with 8 tiny magical stompy hooved reindeer things.

Auntie Bet, you're being silly, there's no such thing as magical reindeer things!  Just big stompy mooses... we heard all about it from Irving who told us all about how he single handedly beat up a stompy moose thing!

Stompy mooses are bigger thingies, but there is a Santa Claws and there are magical stompy reindeer thingies but you'll never see them because they come at night... they come TONIGHT and that's why it's important that all of you go to bed right now so he'll come... I'm expecting a fashionable ensemble I've had my eye on for quite some time and I think the Musher wants a lumberjack... or a shirt or something.

But we don't want to go to bed Auntie Bet, we want to PLAY and PLAY!!!

No my little Poutines, you have to go to bed now, because if you don't go to bed, then Santa Claws won't come and I won't be fashionable, so off to sleep you go!

ACK, no seriously, you have to go to bed, I command you to go to sleep now!

Ok Auntie Bet, we'll go to sleep, but I'm going to stay up all night and wait for this Santa Claws fella because I want everything he's got in that magical sack of his!

And what's up with all of these light things!!??

Well, Santa needs those lights to guide him to the kennel... there are some outside too, so it's like he's landing at a major airport, we want him to see us and bring us goodies!

Off you go everybodies, get to sleep and dream of sugar drops and gum fairies or something like that!

To all of our fans, everybodies at North Wapiti Kennels wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

- Bet

Friday 19 December 2014

Toys and Hats

So in all the making of hats over the last month or so it turns out I only made one for myself. All the rest were gifts - or stolen by Bet for fundraisers.  I quite liked it. It was purple, soft and nice and deep to cover my ears.

You might have noticed I said 'was'......

Yes, yesterday while we were out running dogs the Puppies of Anarchy managed to get their paws on it.


It's not like they don't have plenty of toys of their own...

I tried explaining to them that my hat is NOT a TOY!!! This was their reaction...

That does not look like remorse to me. In fact, I don't think they lost a seconds sleep over the incident!

I think it is time you guys visited the Great Outdoors for a few hours!!!!!!!

Thursday 18 December 2014

Photo shoot with the Girls

The 'Girls of Anarchy' thought it would be nice to have a portrait done of just the two of them.

Okay Gem thought it was a good idea.....

"Come on Charm....."

"Now look at the camera and smile"

"But I want to nap"
"I SAID IWANNANAP!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Smile for the picture - or else...."

"I give up"

"Okay. Take it now"
"WAIT - I wasn't ready"

"I think I'm meant to work alone"

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Field Trip - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

We had a very, very exciting day yesterday, it was FIELD TRIP DAY!!!!

Yep, it was time for the Poutines of Anarchy to venture outside and visit the kennels!  This is a time honored tradition and no matter what the weather, the puppies must go outside and experience the world for a bit!

Because it's so cold, and because I'm only one Border Collie Nanny, it is important that the pups are properly transported out to the kennel area.  We just can't have them running around willy nilly and getting into things and stuffs and places and junk, so we prepared the specialized puppy transport of vehicle.

This vehicle is state of the art, crafted from the finest materials and has been through all sorts of testing by experts... we're thinking of marketing this concept for world-wide distribution.

Look at this sleek lines, aerodynamic suspension, and safety features.  Everybodies will be driving these beauties soon.

As you can see, the puppies are quite comfortable in their transport vehicle and content to drive in style.

We took them to the puppy pen, which will be their future home once they are big enough.  Now that they are just wee little babies, we only allowed them enough time outside to give them a taste of wilderness.  It's still too cold to let them out for a long time, so we started our clock and set them loose... they immediately piled into the dog house.

Hey, this is nice and roomy, and there's a jacuzzi!!

I like the view, I think the view is FABulous and the curtains are very stunning

Hey, is this edible?

Wow, this carpeting kinda sucks, it just falls out of the house, I'll have to demand it be replaced with a nice pile rug

Needless to say, Kelly wasn't pleased about the straw distribution factor

Um... dinner's on pups... come and get it!

Did someone say dinner?  Not you Bet!
The obligatory cute puppies in a doghouse picture
Hey, hey wait, I wanna be in the obligatory cute puppies in a doghouse picture!!!!
There were also plenty of obligatory cute puppies cuddling with Di and the Musher

oooh, super friend Di, you are so warm, let me suck all of the warmth from you, this world is very cold and wet

I don't think I'll ever be able to get over this huge barrier here
I made sure to keep all of the puppies in line and did my best to keep them in color order as Kelly always likes... she throws such a tantrum if the aren't color coordinated.

Ok puppies, get back here

puppies, get over here

ok, seriously puppies, my feets are getting cold, get over here!

Thankfully their feets are smaller and got cold too, so they all gathered back at the dog house into the toasty straw

Now Poutines, if you save your money and work really hard, you can have a fabulous condo just like this when you get older

No, I'm not paying for your college degree

Sigh, fine you can stay until you get older, but I'm going to need to put an addition onto the house

No pool!  Those things are horrible to keep clean, you'll get a small pool later when it's warmer

Soon the Poutines were all worn out and it was time to go back to their room where we all slept soundly after such a fun adventure.

- Bet