Wednesday 29 September 2010

What's A Girl To Do???

Is there anything more frustrating for a girl then getting all clean and dolled up and having no where to go???

Actually, I have no clue - my connection to the 'girl world' is tenuous at best. I'm just guessing at this one!

Anyway, Cricket was wandering around looking a little forlorn this evening (probably because the dog yard has decided she is a strange dog and starts screaming every time she wanders near them) so it was decided she needed a 'night out' - but since all her nights are 'night's out' a 'night in' was the ticket.

She snacked...
She napped

She suggested I stop sticking a camera in her face...

I seem to be getting alot of those looks from her lately.

And no Richard, this changes none of the 'House Rules' this winter - the guard dog needs to be outside to guard.

But everyone needs a change of pace every now and again!!

Yup, I Like My Handler

I always give my handlers the option on riding along with me on training runs or staying home. Generally, at this time of year when runs are relatively short and temperatures relatively warm they ride along - not so much (although sometimes) when I'm doing 30+ mile runs at -20. Go figure.

So, Simone my 19 year old Swiss handler has been riding along every morning.

This morning as we were moving along the old railway allowance at a nice clip, Simone wanted to try to stand up on the seat behind me to get a good angle for a photo. I totally understand going to extremes for a great picture, so readily agreed. She fussed around a bit, but decided that wasn't going to work (maybe for the best, we were moving at over 10 mph).
"Why don't you kneel?", I suggested

Simone indicated that that wouldn't work as she had hurt her knees in an accident and they 'didn't work so well anymore".

We traveled a bit more and then I said, "So, what kind of accident did you hurt your knees in?"

There was a pause - just enough of one to lead me to believe that the answer she was about to give was going to be a good one.
I certainly was not disappointed.

"I fell off a camel", she replied

Yup, I like this handler. She a 19 year old from Switzerland that we met in Alaska who is now in Canada riding behind a dog team telling me about hurting herself falling off a camel.

She's got the right attitude for life.


Tuesday 28 September 2010

Shocking Photos Of Naked Girl

Warning - This blog contains images of 'nudity' that be be offensive to some viewers.

Ah yes.. the yearly 'shearing' of the guard dog.


...and after...

Oh dear...I can read THAT look.

I think I should have included a warning about 'offensive language' at the start of this blog too!!

*Thanks to Natasha and Rhaean of The Dog Grooming Salon in Athabasca for Cricket's new do!!! We know she was alot of work!!!*

Falling For Fall

Truth be known, I 'fell for fall' a long, long time ago. It has always been one of my very favorite times of year.

Cool mornings and evenings, comfortable days, fantastic scenery and the excitement of watching this year's dog team start to come together!!

All good!!!

After some 'trail issues' last season, yesterday for the first time in close to a year we headed down into the Tawatinaw Valley to cross the 'river' (it's running REALLY low this year) and over to our campground on the other side.

This is one of my very favorite runs with the dogs and offers lots of great scenery!!

The campground is looking great. Our neighbour and former kennel help (when he was something like 16 - now he is married and a father!), Colin had asked if he could take some of the dead, fallen trees out of the area. Not only did he take out some trees that needed to go, but he left a nice stack of firewood at our little campsite!!
Very nice!! It is my plan to put that wood to use sometime next week when we take the team on their first camping trip of the season.

I'm sure the team was rolling their eyes at me when I kept stopping to take pictures - but who could resist??

The County mowed the ditches over the weekend. I'm sure they wait till they see we have struggled to put our dog trail in through the tall grass and then decide it is time to mow!!!

It's raining and warm this morning, but in a day or so we will be back on the trails enjoying the season again!!!

Happy Days!!

Saturday 25 September 2010

Catching Up

It's been a great September so far. While we had a total of 18 hook ups on the dogs last September, this year with six days still left in the month we have had 23.

So I decided that Simone, the dogs and I needed a day off running. The fact that Simone headed for bed at 8pm last night and I was cuddling with my pillow by 8:30 was a pretty good sign that a morning off was due.

Now, while there has been no stirring from the direction of the handler cabin, those that have lived with me for any time will tell you that I just plain don't sleep in! But still, a morning drinking coffee, watching some TV and puttering around at some chores around the house is restorative for me! That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

Anyway, I found some photos from earlier in the week that I wanted to share but never quite got around to. These were taken Thursday morning.

Wifi at the water trough


Turtle - aka The Turd

It was a beautiful fall morning - colorful leaves, blue skies and a nice dog team!

This is the trail that Dasher and Jinx put in Wednesday morning..

It's still tricky in spots, but Bang and Billie listened well and made me proud!

Love traveling with our shadow running mates!

Simone and I

Add caption

Anyway, that's it for today. I'm off to fold some laundry, do some dishes and maybe even sweep  the floor before heading off to run and feed puppies!!

Hope you all have a great day!

Another Sure Sign Of Fall

My friend Joel stopped by the kennel on his way back to Minnesota earlier this week.

 Joel's a backwards musher. Many mushers migrate to Alaska for the winter - not Joel. He heads north every spring and returns to the 'lower 48' every fall.
He and 30 of his dogs work giving tours to cruise ship passengers out of Juneau, Alaska from May - September.

In the winter he gives ride out of his Suomi Kennels in Deer River, MN.

Joel is a friend from my days hanging out at Jamie Nelson's kennel. Having him visit always makes me remember good (and well missed) friends, wonderful trips with dog teams, sleeping under fantastic red northern lights, mud, laughter, Hot Bologna Thursdays (!!!!) .... and that another winter season full of memorable moments is one the way!!!