Wednesday 30 March 2011

FINALLY They're Home - Bet

Everyone can relax now, the Musher and Richard are finally home!

Not a moment too soon, as my poor crampy toes were curling under.

Before they got home, the Musher sent me my latest pop quiz:
 "Dear Bet - Here is your pop quiz of the day - what animal is this?  Hint - you get your "paycheck" from a place named after them!"

Hmmm.  I get my "paycheck" from a place named after them....

Let's see, they aren't listed in my "Sheep for Dummies" book, therefore they aren't sheep.

They don't have horns, so they aren't cows, and cows don't pay me anything anyway.

OOOH, I get it!  Since I don't get an actual paycheck (because I totally want the latest Gucci winter coat and matching booties), she must mean "paycheck" as in my food!

Therefore, this must be a pack of Eagles!

Eagle Pack dog food!  The official dog food of the North Wapiti Pretty Sled Dogs!

Monday 28 March 2011

I'm Waiting - Bet

I've been patiently waiting for the Musher and my personal toe masseuse to return home, when I get this e-mail today:

"We are in Whitehorse this morning with our friends Lee and Tim and their son, Hunter.  Trip is going well.  We had breakfast with the wonderful folks from Skookum Brand anoraks yesterday, then drove out to the Discovery claim to poke around before coming back.

We are going to soak at Liard Hot Springs a bit today if the schedule goes well."

Um... I'd like to point out at this tidbit in the little disclaimer for the hotsprings: Caution: Beware of bears, even in areas where groups of campers are bathing. If there are warning signs posted about bears, please heed them!!

So... bathers are like Bear soup?

The Musher continues with:

"Dogs are traveling home well. A few had wrist injuries on the Percy from the hard, fast trail, but all are better now. Turtle has been nicknamed 'Gerbil' because he won't stop peeing in his dog box and it smells like a gerbil cage all the time. The boy has issues - Crunchie is appalled at his son."

This is Crunchie looking appalled.

It seems that while I'm at home, suffering from the crampy toes, the Musher and Richard are taking their sweet time getting back to the homestead.

I found a map and have superimposed their travel route (in blue) with the alien tracking device route (in red) they are taking back to North Wapiti.
I'm not amused... especially since
I'm not sure how much more I can take.

- Bet

Friday 25 March 2011

While We Wait - Bet

The Musher and Richard are on their way to the finish line.

I'm guesstimating from the map and the feedback from the alien tracking device, that they are probably just past the big cow on the rock

This means that they'll be pulling into Dawson City in the wee hours of the morning... until then I guess I'll just be hanging out here... with the Tramplings.

Some of you have asked how they are doing.
They never shut up.  They talk in their sleep... just like their mother.

Thankfully, today is INTERNATIONAL WAFFLE DAY!
The Tramplings can't talk when they chew, so its waffles for everyone!!!!

- Bet

Thursday 24 March 2011

And They're Off! - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, the still at home pacing and worrying while avoiding the non-stop questions from the Tramplings stationary non-roving reporter, Bet, here!

Here is what we know so far....

Richard is taking carbo loading WAAAAY too far
Richard!  You can take food on the trail with you!!!!
ah... too late.  Apparently the Braeburn Lodge is infamous for their incredibly tasty... and HUGE cinnamon buns.  I would have liked a cinnamon bun.  I actually think I could use it as a bed... a very tasty bed.  But no... I'm at home.

Richard drew bib #5 and the Musher drew bib #10.

Gosh... wouldn't it be nice if we had some pictures of the start.  If I had been there, I would have taken pictures, but since I'm at home, there's no way for me to take pictures.  There's nobody there to even get reports on the race, so there's no way to know where anyone is... except....


Here is Richard at the start:
 As usual, the Pretty Sled Dogs are like "um, why are you holding me?  Richard hasn't said go yet, so we'll just hang out here until he's ready".
Another action shot... that really doesn't have a whole lot of action in it.

Here is the Musher at the start:

I think the person kneeling is trying to remove a giant cinnamon bun that the Musher stepped in.  Apparently the cinnamon buns just grow in the wild there.
Finally, the Pretty Curly Tails are off and running
Many thanks to Sarah McHugh for these awesome photographs... and for slipping the tracking device into the Musher's sled so we could track her.

As of 8:43pm (EDT) 24 March 2011, the Musher is approaching Forty Mile.  If you look at the official Race map (courtesy of the Percy race site), you can see where the Musher is heading (click the map to make it bigger):

I hope the Musher and Richard are careful, because it looks as though they are heading straight for a large goat thing after Forty Mile.

- Bet

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Getting Ready for The Percy... or Not - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, your stuck at North Wapiti staring at the walls listening to Tramp and her kids yammer day and night reporter, Bet, here!


Since I'm not at The Percy reporting, that means I'm missing out on the people that bring pizza to your door, and the soft cushy extra large dog beds in the hotel room, and the waffles for breakfast.

To taunt me (she calls it a pop quiz) the Musher is sending me pictures to help me with my sheep training.

This one was easy:  Those look like the beastie that's on the sweater... you remember the sweater... this sweater

Those are definitely cowabou!

This one has horns, but its not fluffy, therefore its a goat.

I didn't even need the book for that one!

If you click on the picture and make it bigger, you can see that this is probably a Shipping Goat, because it has an arrow on its rump that tells the people moving it which side is up.  Either that or the arrow is pointing to where you change the oil.  Not really sure about that one actually.

So, generally... I don't have a lot of information, because I'm not there.  This totally restricts my reporting ability.  I'm thinking about filing a lawsuit about freedom of the press or something.

In the meantime, I'm doing a lot of studying with my wonderful new book thanks to Tammy.  If finally came in the mail the other day and I've been working my way through it.
Sheep for Dummies book courtesy of Jena Fuller

Since all of the Curly Tails now have a sponsor, I've removed the sponsor buttons on the right side of the blog, but you will notice two very important dogs that do not have official sponsors.  These two dogs have been training a LOT and next year, so we will be sure to go on cool road trips with the Curly Tails, Musher, and Richard
Cricket and I are going to be official North Wapiti Pretty Curly Tails... well, at least one of us is pretty.

So, if you'd like to sponsor us, just click the button for either Cricket or myself... because we have to buy our own harnesses, booties and stuff and could use the money.  Plus I'm pretty sure I'll need a personal full time toe masseuse.  We have a wager going on who gets the most sponsors, so if you all could at least make sure Cricket has one sponsor so I don't have to deal with a cranky guard dog, I'd appreciate it.

The stuck at home wearing earplugs to drown out the Tramplings yammering not so roving Border Collie


Tuesday 22 March 2011

The Percy Odds and Ends - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone!  Its your preparing to leave for The Percy race official reporter Border Collie Bet here!

Yep, I'm all packed and ready to go on the road to report all the goings on and doings of The Percy!

Before I get into the details, I just wanted to assure you that poor Odie has found his sponsor!

He's jumping for joy now that LaRita Skipper has sponsored him!  Thank you LaRita for taking pity on the poor boy and giving him something to be happy about!

For all of you that asked about Odie, we want to thank you so much for jumping in and offering to lift the old guy's spirits, we really appreciate the outpouring of support and love!

We realize that some of you aren't able to sponsor dogs and stuff, so we'll be announcing a more affordable way to support the Pretty Curly Tails by sponsoring one last unsponsored dog to be announced in tomorrow's very special blog.

Now, on to the race details.  The Musher was telling me all about how this race is a bit different than the other races.

First of all, you can only run a minimum of 6 and maximum of 9 dogs!  Also, you can drop dogs at Forty Mile on the way out, but you have to pick them up and take them back with you on the way back.  You can't drop dogs at Eagle, or Forty Mile on the way back. 

To make matters even trickier, there are no drop bags!  The mushers have to carry ALL of their supplies (except for straw) in their sleds for the entire race.  That certainly limits what they take, and remember... they have to have enough room for dogs in case they drop any.

In case you didn't notice from the map the race goes from the Yukon into Alaska, which means they have to go through customs and get frisked and stuff, then they go back into the Yukon (more frisking) and finish where they started. 

Now, I know some of you wanted to know what all they would pack in their sled bags!  I forgot to ask the Musher earlier, so hang on, let me go ask her now...


What the....

Where's the Musher and Richard?

Where's the dog truck????




wha... but.... man!  I had a whole new yellow coat ensemble and matching booties outfit I was going to wear. 

sigh... this sucks.

- Bet

Monday 21 March 2011

And Then There Was One - Bet

Howdy Ho, your favorite Border Collie wonderpup Bet here!

I really do have to come clean about something... and some serious cleaning was needed this weekend when we received the really big sponsorship thingie... and then Charge got sponsored:

Charge is sponsored by Pat and Mel Bach, and Mickie and Kenai

Look at how happy he is now!

And to make matters even better, Mannie got sponsored!!!

Mannie is sponsored by Pat Grant.
Pat, Mannie needs a picture of you that he can tattoo on his flank.  A promise is a promise.

So, after that whirlwind of sponsorship, which totally showed the massive power of the Border Collie mind control I have over the world... well, it was a bit daunting and scary.  Mainly because I also used my super powers to wish that instead of grass, the world was carpeted in tasty waffles with the syrupy stuff in it... and that made me piddle a bit at the possibilities

So, knowing that soon the earth will be covered in waffles, I only have one more wish. One itty bitty tiny wish (except perhaps the waffles had a light sprinkle of powdered sugar), and that is:

That someone would sponsor Odie.  He's the ONLY one left without a sponsor... just look at him!  He's melting into the snow he's so depressed. 

I realize that we've reached into the depths of begging for Pretty Sled Dog sponsorship, but its just him left... LOOK AT HIM!!

If multiple people would like to sponsor him, we're cool with that, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind.  Just let us know.  E-mail that nyquil swigging freak the Cartoonist and she'll set something up:

Tomorrow (I promise) I'll give you some insight into The Percy... like: why only 9 dogs?  What do you mean they have to carry EVERYTHING in their bags?  What will the Musher and Richard eat on the trail because there isn't a Starbucks to be found within a gazillion miles?  What will the stunning and talented Border Collie be doing during the race?

Things like that!

- Bet

Sunday 20 March 2011

WOW! (Let's try this again, shall we) - Bet

Thanks to a small "glitch" last night, my very special post disappeared from the interwebs, so I'm trying it again today.

Ahem... Howdy Ho everyone!  Bet, your couch lounging reporter, here!

Last night I was on the interwebs doing some research on the differences between a Devon Longwool, versus a Devon Closewool sheepy thing (looks the same to me), when I heard an e-mail come in for the musher... eh, she was asleep, so I read it.

Let me make it clear... I realized that my Border Collie mind control skills were good (after all, I did have waffles for breakfast this morning), but imagine my surprise when I saw just how powerful they were!

The e-mail was from the Tremblay family of Willowbend Siberians who have graciously sponsored the following dogs:













All of us at North Wapiti are overwhelmed by their generosity and support over the years for the Pretty Sled Dogs, and for giving loving homes to Jake and Norman

 Ch. NorthWapiti's Against All Odds

Hawk's NorthWapiti Vindicator

There are no words sufficient to express our thanks!

- Team North Wapiti, and the Musher Minions (and Bet)

Saturday 19 March 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Athabasca River

The Athabasca River has been good to us this winter and we have spent alot of time traveling between it's banks, but today Richard and I did what is likely our last run on it for the season.  

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.
-Richard Bach
Richard's team heading back into town

Until next season.....

More on the Percy Teams - N.B.C. Bet

Howdy ho fans, its Bet, your roving Border Collie Reporter!

Just as I promised, here are the teams that wonderful Richard (who doesn't call me neurotic, or crazy, or a flunk from a top herding kennel) is running in The Percy on 24 March 2011.

Harumpf... I'll have you know that the reason I left the top herding kennel was because I didn't like all of the jealousy from the other Border Collies for my mad herding skills.

As proof, here is an action shot of me at one of the local herding competitions, where everyone cheered at the masterful way I herded this particularly stubborn sheep thing.
Take THAT Musher.

Anyhoo, back to The Percy teams.

Here is the wonderful Richard

And here is Richard's team:


 Bingo is sponsored by: Mary Atkinson


 Bang is on hold


 Billie is sponsored by: LaRita Skipper


Rocket is sponsored by: Deb Custer


 Irving is sponsored by: Mary Curtis


 Herman is sponsored by: Alice and Travis Fitzgerald


 Utin is sponsored by: Mark and Pat Ellinger, with Spider, Batdog and Junior


 Runner is sponsored by: Maureen Zavodjancik


Barq is sponsored by: Cheryl Dawson, Gloria Scheetz, and Laura Slay (Friends of Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue)

As some of you more astute readers have figured out... hey, why only 9 dogs on each team???

Well, there's a reason for that, which I'll get to tomorrow, among other interesting things about this race that are totally different than other races.  Right now I have to go hold down the couch.

- Bet