Friday 11 November 2016

And Dream of Sheep - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!

Oh I know, it's been such a long, long time since I've bloggity blogged and I do apologize for the lull.

The Musher took us all on a FABulous adventure that involved Timbits, chicken mcnuggets, and oodles of baa baa sheepy things!

I have absolutely no idea where we went but it was a long drive.

Musher... I have to pee again
And then we arrived at this magical place called Sheepcation!  Ok, actually it was Chris Jobe's place outside of Medicine Hat (although I didn't see any hats anywhere) and our whole merry band of Coolies were welcomed with open arms.

It was wonderful, relaxing, out in the middle of nowhere and chock full o' sheepy things!

Chris actually runs a business that trains us coolies to manage wildlife called Canine Solutions.

These particular sheepy things came armed... scary sheepie things... look at the one in the front, those crazy eyes!  This is certainly some wildlife that screams "MANAGE US".

I pretty much thought that we would hold meetings and planning sessions, maybe write a white paper or two, set some policies and procedures and set up a committee, but this was paws-on management style, and right up Zac's alley.

sneaky, sneaky herdy herdy, move along sheeps, nothing to see here
Since I'm much older and wiser, I opted for the paws-off management style of delegation and napping a lot.

Excellent work there Zac, let me know if you need anything that I can delegate to someone else.
Each day there were different challenges for the Musher and Zac, and for me as it's hard to find a decent cup of coffee and donut out in the middle of nowhere.  I'm pretty sure that part of management is having people bringing you the coffee and donut.  I wrote that up in my overall review of the experience, so I hope they improve on that part next time.

On day one is was a few sheeps, then more sheeps the next day.

Then on the final day there were 90 sheeps!!! NINETY!  NINE, ZERO!

That's a lot of sheeps!  The Musher was pleased with her performance, and even prouder of the amazing job Zac did.

Even the judges of Canada's Got Sheeps were amazed at the performance

Amazing!  Good form!  I gave them the golden buzzer thingamabob!
I was sorry to leave such a wonderful place

As we drove off in the sunset, I marked my calendar for the next time we could return and you should too!

Oh wait... you don't have a calendar?  Seriously?  If only you knew of a place to get a totally awesome calendar that you could not only write things in, but gaze upon equally wonderful and amazing things.  Perhaps a calendar that long time and very dear supporter Anne Trygstad says: " The photography is terrific, and it's so cheerful and upbeat"

Where could you possibly get such a wonderful calendar?


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- Bet