Tuesday 30 November 2010

Peace River Trail

We have been hearing wonderful things about the Peace River Trail and finally decided that we needed to check it out for ourselves.

Last week Mark headed over with an ATV (no dogs) and did some exploring. This morning, armed with his notes and a GPS with some key landmarks flagged, Richard and I loaded 16 dogs and an ATV and headed over to do some exploring of our own.

Hooking up at the trail head

Ready to roll

That's the Athabasca River on the left.

A nice little trappers cabin on the side of the trail. It is obvious that the owners have 'bush smarts' as the cabin was neat, well organized and 'put up' nicely to protect it from critters. Of course the door was not locked so travelers in need could make use of it. The 'code of the trail' still applies in these parts.

Rocky and Roscoe

A lot of work, including new bridges, was put into the trail this past summer.

Today was the last day of hunting season, so we dressed to be seen and not shot at!!

Sunset over the Athabasca River

Back at the truck after a nice 40 mile run. 

Well, folks weren't misleading us. It was a great trail and we will definitely be back.

Monday 29 November 2010


It was a spectacular day out on the trails today....


"Excuse us - but wasn't there other spectacular things than the scenery??"

Yes, of course Casey. You guys were spectacular too!! You all rock!!

Is that better Charge??

Apparently so!!!

A  spectacular dog team and a spectacular day!!!

Really Not All That 'Proper'

I'm  coming to believe that underneath it all Brits are just as 'redneck' as us Albertans.  Or at least the Brits I live with...

 Yup - ALL of the Brits...



Many thanks to our neighbours up the hill for dropping off the remnants of 3 moose and an elk today. The puppies and Geriatrics are unbelievably happy!!!

Sunday 28 November 2010

Dog of the Day - Barq

Barq - aka NorthWapiti's Barq's Got Bite
July 1, 2001
Sire - NorthWapiti's Butch Cassidy SD
Dam - Alaskan's Jumper of Anadyr

Out of our 'Soda Pup' litter. Named after Barqs rootbeer. Brother to Sprite, Pepsi and Fresca.

Barq is a big, wonderful moving dog. Not a leader; but a powerhouse of a team member with endless endurance.

It is impossible to believe that this boy turned 9 this summer. Age might have mellowed him a bit in the dog yard, but in harness he is as amazing as always!

Saturday 27 November 2010

Happy Campers

Temperatures last week took a serious and unexpected dive down to the -30 range. It didn't stop us from running dogs ...

The Brit - bundled up for the cold temperatures - with leaders Q and Runner

My team on a cold, but gorgeous day!
...but it did postpone a planned camping trip.

On Wednesday temperatures made a huge jump back up to 'normal', so Richard and I beelined out the door  Thursday morning for a run to the campground.

Thirty two dogs and two mushers ready to head out.

Richard's team leaving our property.

My team - that is Roscoe and Runner in wheel.


Big Sky!!

The Amazing Dasher - she rocks!!!

Richard's leaders - Rocket and Dasher

The sunset was spectacular

Richard chopping a hole in the lake ice so we could get water for the dogs.

Ready to head home!


Monday 22 November 2010

Honing Their Brit-ness

Richard is here - need I say more???

He may have a long uphill battle on getting these boys table manners and overall 'politeness' to 'British standards'.

I wish him well.