Friday 24 June 2011

Bet Goes Postal - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone!  Its your fundraising Border Collie in Chief, Bet here!

I just wanted to send a huge shout out to everyone that adopted one of the North Wapiti stuffies to help the Musher mush in the 2012 Iditarod!  THANK YOU!  I hope you all enjoy your genuine North Wapiti stuffies and give them a good home.

Since the Musher is still out of town on her whirlwind public speaking tour, I wanted to get a jump on mailing out the stuffies and authentic, one of a kind, pre-licked Iditarod Musher cards so that everyone will get their stuff jiffy quick.

I was able to find enough boxes around the house for all of the stuffies.  I'm pretty sure the stuff that was already in those boxes didn't need to be in those boxes anyway, and I got all of the stuffies packed nice and safe... even though the Tramplings managed to pop all of the bubble wrap.  They are so helpful.

I do admit that taping up the boxes was a bit of a challenge, and I'm sure I lost quite a bit of fur but think of it as an added souvenir with your stuffie.

Just as I was getting everything ready, and had even convinced Cricket to pull the wagon of boxes to the Perryvale Country Store/Post Office, the Musher guy poked his head up from his game of Angry Birds Summer Pignic (which he constantly complains about the fact that it doles out new levels every 8 hours and we're all sick of hearing him yell each hour "6 HOURS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.... 5 HOURS TO THE NEXT LEVEL") and says:

"You did know Canada Post was on strike... right?"



Sigh, apparently so I'm afraid (see here).  Nothing is going in, or coming out.  They aren't even allowing the other companies to drop their stuff off to get delivered or sent, so that pretty much puts a huge dent in my plans to get these stuffies out of here to their new owners.

We certainly hope that the strike ends soon and we're able to get these stuffies to their adopted homes, but until it does end... we're kinda stuck, and we apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand.

Sniff... this fundraising stuff is hard.

- Bet

Tuesday 21 June 2011

One Day Left! HURRY! - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, its your crazy stuffie selling, non-roving fundraising Border Collie, Bet here!

We've only got one day left on the stuffie auction and we've got to move this merchandise, which is why I'm declaring it Christmas in June, and here at Crazy Bet's we're marking down the prices... well, not really marking as in how dog people think of marking, but... where was I... oh yeah...

It's a blow-out sale at Crazy Bets!  We have all the stuffies you need at blow out prices!

Look at this beauty here!
All dressed up and no place to go, the Scud stuffie comes with its very own scarf because that's what Scud wears on the trail.  Oh sure, he trips on it and it gets really dirty, but this pup knows how to dress on the trail, and you can own a bit of Scud too if you act now!

But wait... there's more!

This little beauty is X because that's how X lounged around during his recovery, all oozing and sloshing around the cloud, pretending like he couldn't hardly move so he could get more attention... well, this little bean bag needs some attention to, and he won't be getting it in the closet, so won't you find a spot in your home for this little cutie!?  HMMM?


Its a rare totally red Siberian Husky American Shepherd... thing... dog... something, BUT ISN'T IT AMAZING!?
 Be the first on your block or continent to get one of these... whatever it is... seriously I have no clue, and I can't even fake it, but it's a really cool patriotic flag tattooed dog thing though.

There are so many more stuffies without bids so you can get in on the action for pennies on the dollar, and you can even buy one and get another for whatever amount the other one was, but you get two and that's better because one is the loneliest number...

Ok, if my craaaazy sales pitch didn't work, you are forcing me to use the sad eyes:

Go bid on some cool stuffies so the Musher can go mush the Iditarod... pleeeeeeeease?

Friday 17 June 2011

Everything Must Go! - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, its your not so roving, kinda stationary stuck in Perryvale while the Musher does presentations in sunny California fundraising Border Collie, Bet here!

Oh sure, I could throw a fit about not going to California with the Musher, but I have more important things to do while the musher is at the Homewood Winery in Sonoma on Friday June 17 from 6-9 pm for Wine Tasting and a presentation about running the Last Great Race - the Iditarod (and being the owner of the most adorable Border Collie in the world).

I also don't really need to be at Harry's Hofbrau at 390 Saratoga Ave in San Jose, CA on 18 June 2011 starting at noon where the Musher will give a presentation about the most amazing Bordie Collie in the entire world, and probably mention some curly tails and that race thing (it comes with a buffet lunch too).

I also have more important things to do than be with the Musher while she guest judges for the THIRD ANNUAL NORTHERN BREED FUN MATCH!  Sunday, June 19th from 8-2 at Oak Hill Park, Danville

You really need to get to California and go see her, because not only do you help some wonderful rescue groups and sledding organizations, but you actually get to hear about the Musher's adventures with the curly tails, and see her tattoos.  You can even talk to her... really!  Seriously!  Just walk right up to her, she's very friendly and housebroken.

The real reason I'm not going on these trips is because I have more important responsibilities at home, since I've been put in charge of fundraising!  As you may (or may not) know, its time for the Iditarod sign up, and frankly... its EXPENSIVE!  I've already told the Musher that I'll once again do without the Gucci coat and matching booties to help her save up for the fee, but we still need more of that paper money stuff.

While she was flying to California yesterday, I thought long and hard about what I could do to help her make enough money to sign up for the Iditarod...
Then it came to me, because I went to THE CLOSET THAT MUST NEVER BE OPENED, which I opened, and was immediately buried in a pile of stuffed curly tails.

Seriously, the Musher has so many stuffed curly tails that she could easily qualify for that Hoarder series (it would be a three parter), and its really kinda creepy... all those eyes staring at you, happy looks on their faces... eesh.

So while she's gone, I'm auctioning off the stuffed curly tails!  All proceeds will go toward the Musher's 2012 Iditarod run, which I assure you will be historic and amazing... trust me on that one!

The Photographer has already put them up on e-bay for me... I took the pictures (please note, they are all posing on the cloud, but the cloud does NOT come with the stuffies) and she even said that my camera technique was not only amazing, but award winning.

All of the stuffies come with an autographed (and personalized if you want) sports card of the Musher herself, and I will also lick each card.

Unfortunately the Photographer didn't have time to tell you a little history behind the stuffies, so here is why you NEED to have these stuffies:

This is the Rocket stuffie
Sure, it looks all calm and pretty just sitting there, but when you turn the lights out, this Stuffie tunnels out of its kennel and steals your belongings.

I'm pretty sure you can guess which stuffie this is... come on, guess... I'll give you a hint... its mouth is always open... yep, that's right... I call this one the Trampling stuffie
Although it doesn't really look like any of the Tramplings, trust me, it never shuts up.  You can even hear it asking questions behind the closet door.  It never shuts up.  Frankly I don't know why anyone would buy it, but please... BUY IT so we can sleep.

This is the Todd stuffie
 Its the Todd stuffie because it looks like Richard in the mornings when it was really really freezing out and he hadn't had his coffee: stylishly dressed yet gobsmacked.

This stuffie is... um... ok, this isn't any of the curly tail pack but its so sad and pathetic looking (probably because its been sitting next to the yammering Tramp stuffie for so long) that I really feel sorry for it and want you to buy it... please... LOOK AT ITS SAD FACE!!!!

So, I need all of you to go check out the stuffies and help the Musher run the 2012 Iditarod

- Bet

Sunday 12 June 2011

Relaxing on the deck - Bet

Howdyho everyone, its your summertime relaxing on the deck Border Collie, Bet, here!

I must say that while the winters are great here, what with all of the curly tail action, and the opportunity for me to wear designer warm weather gear (still holding out hope that I'll get that Gucci coat and booties one day), it is nice to lounge on the deck with the Musher and enjoy the summertime smells and sounds.
Its so peaceful and tranquil here.  The Musher's birthday was yesterday, so there was cake and stuff, and even though we were forced to wear party hats and sing, it was worth it.  She's a good Musher and all...

What was that?
Did you see that?  That green flash?!?!
No!  SERIOUSLY!  Can't you hear that?  The buzzing little wings, the evil cackle???  You humans need bigger ears!  Oh wait... they can fly into my big ears and eat my brains out those evil evil things!!!

Look at it sucking that fake flower looking thing, its just practicing for when they swoop down and suck out all of our brains!!!  I don't understand why humans encourage them to train for the hummingbird takeover of the world!!!
Don't you laugh at me!  Its true!  They are plotting to take over the world by flitting around so fast that you can't see them and next thing you know, they've poked your eyes out with their sharp, pointy beaks!
I'm going to sit here real still with my ears back, so they can't dive into them, and my eyes closed a bit... if you don't move, they can't see you with their beady little evil eyes.
TIC!!! Get away from me!  Can't you see that I'm camouflaged and hiding from the evil beady eyed hummingbirds of doom?????  What do you mean you can see me, of course you can see me, you're a cat, but the hummingbirds can't see me... how many times do I have to explain this to you?
Now that my cover is blown I'll just mosey over and sit closer to the Musher... not that she will save me or anything, but maybe the evil hummingbird will attack her first and I can run away!
So much for a relaxing lounge on the deck... STUPID HUMMINGBIRDS!!!!

- Bet

Monday 6 June 2011

A Training Opportunity

When distance racing, dog teams often have to travel by used straw beds from other teams that have camped on the trail between checkpoints. For years I had huge issues with my teams doing this. They would either want to use the straw for a quick nap themselves or snoop through it to make sure no goodies (dog food, snacks, etc) were left behind.

So now whenever I have old,  rotten straw I take the time to drag some of it out on the trail to set up some nice 'training opportunities' for the fall.

These were the 'training traps' I set today -

And there are these ones left over from a camping trip Richard and I did this winter.

Don't they look inviting??? Plus they will likely attract some small woodland critters that will make them even more inviting to my 'always looking for a snack' sled dogs.


"On by Guys. On by"

Sunday 5 June 2011

Iditarod Musher Melanie Gould

I had a really nice run with my team this morning, they were strong, disciplined and just basically a delight to drive – especially considering it was June and there were 3 yearlings in the group. Such wonderful mornings In June are rare and should be treasured. However this morning I’ll admit that my mind was frequently drawn elsewhere – specifically to Alaska, where fellow veteran Iditarod musher Melanie Gould is missing. 

I wouldn’t say that Melanie and are close friends, but we have one of those ‘forged in adventure’ friendships that is one of the best things about distance mushing.  In 2000, Melanie and I were both rookies on Iditarod. We spent a lot of time traveling together, including one very memorable night on the trail between Kaltag and Unalakleet.  Since then she has remained one of the mushers I most look forward to seeing on the trail. Her smile and spirit is infectious. 

So since the news broke on the internet on Thursday evening that Melanie had been missing since Monday or Tuesday, I have been following events closely. The facts that have concerned her friends are that she has missed several work shifts without notifying anyone and did not arrange for anyone to care for her 12 dogs, likely meaning that she didn’t plan on being away from home long. 

 Last night Alaska State Troopers found her truck parked on a side road of the Denali Highway. It is not wrecked, broken down nor are there any signs of foul play. 

My hope is that Melanie is in the bush, for some reason unable to walk out, and is patiently waiting for someone to come find her. 

The whole situation does drive home a point though; one thing that most of us ‘dog musher types’ share is a sense of adventure and independence. Those two traits are not always good ones to go hand and hand.  I’ll admit that more often then I should (which is never) I head off on a day of adventure without letting anyone know where I am going or what I’m doing  - or I’ve just passed along sketchy plans with no formal ‘check in’ schedule.  Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a thrill seeker and am careful and safety conscience in my activities, but I’m used to doing what I want when I want – usually alone. 

For the most part I’ve been ‘lucky’, apart from an incident about 10 years ago when I flipped a 4 wheeler onto my hip and had to lie on the cold fall ground for about 30 minutes before I could gather up enough motivation to crawl to my team, I’ve not had any truly serious scares.  

Everyone stands at the start of races and urges us to ‘be safe’, but the reality is that races are probably the safest things I do in my life - lots of folks watching out for me there – as opposed to the rest of the year when I’m usually out on my own, gosh knows where doing gosh knows what. 

After the book and movie, “Into the Wild” came out about Chris McCandless and his ill fated adventures, I was critical of him and spoke of the responsibilities that those with adventurous bents should have to their loved ones. 

Not only need we be responsible and careful for our sakes, but for those that love and, in some cases, depend on us. 

I still believe that but I don’t always remember it. Melanie’s situation should be a good reminder to us all – and I personally will attempt to do better when it comes to letting people know where I’m going and when I’m going to be back. 

That night between Kaltag and Unk many years ago, was likely a low point on that Iditarod for Melanie, but still she, for the most part, held it together and eventually went on to finish the race.  I hope were ever she is right now; she is hanging on with that same strength and spirit for the people that are out there looking for her.
You can follow updates on the search at

Saturday 4 June 2011

It is the month of June...

"It is the month of June, 
The month of leaves and roses...."
- Nathaniel Parker Lewis

...and the occasional dog team!!!