Tuesday 24 May 2016

"How DARE you call me old!"

When Dasher left us last week it left Crunchie without a roommate. He was rather unhappy with that and asked for another dog to live with.

"A hot, young thing", he asked

Regardless of the species I think all men are pretty much the same.

I went through the list of suitable girls in kennel and suggested See.

"She's OLD".

She is not. She is 5 years younger than you are.

And she is still a main string dog.

Plus she won't push you around and make you give her your breakfast.

"But is she hot?"

CRUNCHIE!!!! Be a Gentleman!!

"Okay. She can move in on a trial basis"

I think See was a little less than impressed with the discussion.

She says HE is going to have to live up to HER standards. And they are high, very high.

Good Luck Crunch.

You're going to need it.

(For the record, they are getting along great)

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Sunday 22 May 2016

Coolie Identification Lesson - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It has come to my attention that peoples are having problems figuring out which Coolie is which in the pictures and stuffs (and things).

Um... really?  We're all VERY different looking!

Okey Dokey, here's how to tell all of us apart.

I am adorable.

I also have a mask, and don't have the big white line that goes up my snooter.  I am tiny like a little peanut and super-model thin.

I am very photogenic and I don't eat veggibles.

Twig is a big ol lumberjack with a lopsided white stripey thing down her nose.

She has soft brown eyes that show her constant confusion about pretty much everything, such as: I'm standing in this dirty stream and I'm wet and dirty, how did this happen?

Here she is excited over something... she doesn't quite know what she's excited about, but something must be happening that's exciting.  She eats veggibles and spends too much time worrying about what other Coolies think of her, but makes no effort to wear ensembles.

This is Zac.

Note the crazy eyes.  He's larger, has a more symmetrical white stripe, and is very focused and serious.

Um... yeah... serious... he's very, very serious.

Photo courtesy of Alta Pete Stockdogs and Ms. Jenny

Ok, there!  See... very serious!  The Musher is also trying to feed him veggibles, and he seems to like them... sigh.

Ok, so that's it, very simple.  We're all COMPLETELY different and you shouldn't have any problems telling us apart any more... right?


Monday 16 May 2016

A Very Special Minion Birthday - From Everyone at North Wapiti

Every group has that one person that does everything, and does it very well.

They are organized, have the answers to everything, and if they don't, they will hunt down that answer to the ends of the earth.

They create complex spreadsheets, and charts, and tables just so all of the information needed is available, and doesn't even blink an eye when we continue to ask for the information that's in the spreadsheets, and chart, and tables, and doesn't even raise her voice when she sends us the link to the spreadsheets, and charts, and tables over and over again.

That person whips up the most amazing merchandise designs, and spends hours haggling for the best prices and best products so that the fans get quality mementos and souvenirs.

That person gets finger cramps hand addressing packages and filling out customs forms, and standing in line at the Post Office (something we all feel that this person deserves a medal for doing), to make sure everything gets delivered on time and safely.

That person makes sure the Musher gets to where she needs to go, is comfy, and gets back to where she needs to go.

That person deals with the rest of the group knowing they aren't as organized, forget things, screw up things, lollygag about things, can't find the spreadsheet that's been in the same place for years, do something stupid, and is pretty much the "Mother" of the group, even though she really doesn't want to be, but knows she has to be because things need to get done and someone has to nag.

That person probably thinks that the rest of the group forgot her birthday... but we're sneaky and somewhat mean and just kinda hung out and waited to post a birthday message.

We didn't want to put in on the blog as a draft because she may look, and read it before we posted it.

We didn't want that person to do that, because we wanted to let all of you know what a wonderful person that person is.

Our one person is Heather Walls.

Nothing would have gotten done, would have been as organized, would have been so fantastic, would have been what it is if it wasn't for Heather.

Heather has pulled so many great things out of her hat of many talents throughout the years and we still (to this day) don't know how she managed to hold down a regular job and still do everything that she's done for North Wapiti.

In case you didn't know, Heather, you are the backbone of the North Wapiti Minions, and we truly appreciate EVERYTHING you have done, and the high standards you set that made us look so good throughout the years.

Thank you, and Happy Birthday to you!

Ch. NorthWapiti's Dasher

Ch. NorthWapiti's Dasher
 December 21st, 2001 - May 16, 2016

My bossy, opinionated, outspoken, AWESOME little leader. So many fantastic memories of my fun loving party girl.
She was not a serious, hard driving, tough sled dog - she basically just 'bopped' down the trail looking for the next party.  Life was just one glorious party and she fully embraced it.

She was a remarkable, special dog and will be deeply missed. Always!