Sunday 29 July 2012

The Question of the Day

The question of the day today - "How close can you get to a sleeping guard dog before she gets fed up with you and kills you?"

WAY closer...

I love it when her ears flop over like Snoopy's....

Getting 'the eye'....

Phew, she's settled down again...

Now that is close...


Apparently she is on a break and NOTHING is going to bother her......

Time To Join The Crowd.

All the beings that live here are tattooed - and I mean ALL. Cricket, Bet, Bait, Tic, all the Siberians, Mark and I ....all of us.
All the critters have 'ID' tattoos. The Siberians sport a series of letters and numbers that uniquely identify them with the Canadian Kennel Club and would help them find their way back to us in a jam. Cricket sports a tattoo from the group (Second Chance Animal Rescue in Athabasca) that rescued her; Bet and Bait have IDs tattoo from the Westlock Vet Clinic and Tic, well Tic has his deceased brother, Tac's name tattooed in his ear ("Ask Mark" is my answer as to 'why???'.)
Now Mark and I don't have 'ID' tattoos, like the others, but both of us sport unique enough tats that they could likely be used to identify our bodies in case of a horrible accident.... so it kinda counts!!!

Anyway, the only 'un-inked' individuals on the property were the Cramplings and the Whos. Today was the day to change that.

"I want my tattoo to be a flower. Maybe a rose.", says Ewok

R2 thinks he wants a french poodle in a show clip for his tat.
Yeah, kids, that is not the way it works. It's going to be green letters and numbers in your left ear.

"No fair. We NEVER get what we want"

I know, that's life. Get used to it.


Vader doesn't seem to mind his....

....R2 either.

Sky is sporting a green nose, as she was helping her littermates clean up the extra ink in their ears. Green puppy poops for the next few days too!!!

Horton and Daddy show off their freshly inked ears!
Cindy too!!!

We are back to being an 'all ink' family again!!!

Saturday 28 July 2012

Musical Round Thing - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!!

It didn't take very long for my pretty nail polish to chip off my toes, so now I'm back at the keyboard and resisting the urge to check out the cool nail polish colors on the interwebs.

Anyhoo, I'm back to puppy training.  Like the Cramplings, the Boo Whos... or Boo Fis or whatever, need to learn to follow directions, do as they are told, and become a well orchestrated team.

The perfect training game for them was Musical Chairs!  You know that game... there's one chair less than the total amount of participants, when the music plays you walk around the chairs, and when it stops, you body slam, punch, and kick your competitors away from the chair and sit on it because if you don't get a chair, then you are out.  Seems like a perfectly good way to teach puppies (or human children) how to work as a team... ok, I just thought it would be fun to watch!

The only problem was that the Musher wouldn't let me bring any of the chairs into the puppy pen... she wouldn't let us play in the house, we had no music, and ... details, details, I improvised.

So, here I am explaining the rules.

It's called "Musical Round Thing" without music... stop nibbling me, I don't have fleas
Thankfully I didn't try this game with the Cramplings because it would be all "Why do you call it musical if there's no music", and other silly questions that actually aren't silly because they're way too smart for their fur and have a way of making me change my mind... damn those Crunchie genes.

Anyhoo, it took a bit to get them to understand that all they had to do was walk around the round thing without falling in the hole... whoever fell into the hole was disqualified.  It is also perfectly ok to push each other into the hole... hehehe.

WAIT! WAIT! stop pushing each other into that hole, we haven't even started yet!
It started out pretty well.

Counter clock-wise everyone... yeah, I know, clocks are so outdated
No Horton, I have no idea how long this is going to take, just keep moving
Yes, I said whoever falls into the hole is disqualified, and look... Cindy is right near the hole... hint, hint
Wait a minute, no I'm not a part of the game, no fair ganging up and shoving me in the hole
OW OW LET GO OF MY EAR!  Daddy stop pushing from behind!
Now that Daddy is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct, let's end this quick, I think I smell waffles
Um, Horton and Cindy, Google is over here calling you bad names... just thought you should know
Google is out!  Google in the hole!
Yeah, not so funny now, eh Google
- Bet

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Tour de l'Alberta

In the process of 'reclaiming' my body in the last few years, as many of you might have noticed,  I have 'rediscovered' biking.

I bought a new bike in the spring of  '11. Nothing fancy, as I wasn't sure how much I was really going to bike or what 'style' of biking was going to appeal to me. As it turns out I have more then gotten my monies worth out of my purchase and am (much to Mark's disapproval) eying a new 'fancier', more specific to the type of biking I most enjoy, bike. (a 29er, for those wondering, so I can do more off road riding)

In the meantime, I'm pushing the limits of the bike I have however I can.

Yesterday, I pretended it was a road bike for the 50km division of the widely popular Tour de l'Alberta. Over 1200 cyclists were there riding the 30k, 50k, 100k and 175k events.

It was a really well organized, low key, fun time.

I dragged my friend and neighbour, Gabi Husch along for the day.

She's a good sport and not too hard to talk into all kinds of trouble - so my kind of friend!!!

We both had a good time and didn't find the 50kms too overly challenging!!

The rest stops were well set up and organized too!!

Next year the 100k!!!!

Sunday 22 July 2012

My Day at the Spaw - Bet

I love it when Aunt Colleen (Kutzley) comes to visit because we all get to be girlie and frilly, and paint each others' nails and gossip and go shopping and all of that stuff.

You've already seen the Musher's adventures with Aunt Colleen, but here is the most important part of her visit... she gave me a spaw day!

Really Auntie Colleen?  You're going to give me a pawdicare?  I love you

I enjoyed the shiatsu massage before the painting, it really relaxes those neck muscles

Yes, yes, I heard about the hoopla over at the general store the other day, such a shame

So, what are your thoughts on the use of paper or plastic bags at shopping centers?

I'm so ashamed of my cuticles, I try to soak them once a week, but the bathroom whirlpool sometimes isn't available

I've been trying to grow out my nails, but the Musher keeps clipping them back

Are you sure this color will go with my ensembles Musher?

You know Musher, you could do this for me more often, it's not like you have snow on the ground or anything

oooh, yeah, the ankle massage is wonderful Auntie Colleen

Really?  This color makes my eyes pop?  Is that a good thing?

You have such soft hands.  What do you moisturize with?

Can you draw a little butterfly on that one?  I've seen those appliques with stars and stuff, that would be cool too.

Why are you laughing Musher?

Isn't that stunning?  Didn't she do a great job!  I only wish I had those little flip flops to walk around in so I don't smear
 - Bet