North Wapiti Memorials

Honor your loved one, whose memory will travel with Karen and the Pretty Sled Dogs on the race trails.
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North Wapiti's Valkyrie Kara
In Memory of five time Iditarod veteran 
North Wapiti's Valkyrie Kara

In memory of Denali, CGC, TDIAOV.  Adopted Oct. 1999, died Feb. 18, 2011
Miss you, Big Guy! --Heather Walls and Dan Rehak

In memory of Nadja AX AXJ AJP OAP CGC
Adopted August 1997, died February 5, 2008
My first Siberian and Best Friend.
Karen Ernest

In Memory of Dakota who shared his life with us for 14 years.  He died on January 25, 2012 and was one of 8 beloved Siberian Huskies that have or are still sharing their lives with us.  Alice and Travis Fitzgerald

In Memory of: Mischa January 23, 2002 - April 25, 2011
Run Free, my sly little boy

July 8, 2000 - February 13, 2012
Rest in peace my beautiful girl. Missing you both  

Tammy Taylor


In Memory of: Our Mom Doris Woodward who passed away November 5, 2011

She loved dogs--as do my sister and I Marsha Stoffa and Donna Quante


In Memory of Razzle
Running companion in the mountains and best friend and...              
"Oh, she's so-o-o-o pretty."  
Anne Trygstad 


Snowventure's Already A Legend "ARGOS"

7 February 2003 - 29 March 2012

My boy with Strength, Love, Desire to swim and the determination to work! You are missed! It's about time Karen has an Alaskan Malamute traveling with her ;)

Argos you are missed every single day, pull hard for Karen and let your spirit fly xoxo

Keri Carbert

Snowventure's Prairie Knight
January 25, 2001 to July 19, 2010

Saga The boy who most of the time seemed human, was so very perceptive.

He was brilliantly smart like his mother. He was incredibly obedient, incredibly confident, and incredibly eager to learn.

He is the gold star in my heart.

Saga's passions were sledding, running with the quad, swimming and BALLS! He would play foot ball or fetch for hours! He was 100% trust worthy off leash and went for many off leash walks and got to be off leash around the yard with me when ever I did gardening or yard work.

Saga also had an outstanding temperament, playing and sledding with MANY dogs, boys, girls, all breeds big and small. Never discouraged, Saga trained many green mushers at many different events throughout his lifetime.

Although Saga never obtained any official titles he logged over 600 miles in harness -- more than any other Snowventure dog to date! One of the most special dogs I have ever owned, I hope his spirit travels the miles with you, that his confidence and eagerness are assets in the race of a lifetime.

Nina (the Snowventure Helper) and Sue Gingerich of Snowventure Alaskan Malamutes.