Sunday 29 March 2015

Poutine Ninja Training Part 2 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies, now that the Musher is FINALLY home again and all is right with my world.

I can now bloggity blog about Ninja training with Tig and Charm!

As you can see they were very excited about learning Ninja skills and stuffs (and things).

Charm got a bit too excited and wanted to just start chewing, but chewing is only a small part of Ninjaness, so I had to settle them down and start proper training with them.

Bet:  Ok, Ok, break it up, break it up Poutines, we've got to get serious here!  Ok, so what happens when you are playing around like that and something oogie sneaks up on you?  All the oogie thing needs to do is start stomping on you!

Charm: You can stomp on Tig Auntie Bet!

Bet: No, no, I'm not going to stomp on Tig, but follow me to some open area so I can show you some techniques to avoid being stompy stomped, are you coming Tig?

Bet: Tig, are you coming?

Tig: There's a tasty pinecone here!  And a chew stick!

Bet: You can chew on things after the lesson... what did you just call me?

Bet: Ok, part of proper Ninja training is that you never let your partner get dragged off by wild things, so Tig, I'm going to pretend that I'm the wild thing and I'm dragging Charm off into the woods to stomp on her... what do you do?

Tig: Oooh, there's a stick

Bet: Um, Tig, I'm dragging Charm off to the woods here, isn't there something you need to be doing?

Tig:  OOOH, that's a tasty bit of stick right here!

Bet: Um, Tig?

Bet: Is he even paying attention?

Charm:  Nah, he really has issues with multi-tasking.

Tig:  om nom nom, tasty stick.

Tig: Look!  A birdie in the tree!


Yeah, so that didn't work out very well at all, so I just wrestled for a bit, then I went in and took a nap.

I just don't think the Poutines are Ninja material.

- Bet

Friday 27 March 2015

Fridays with ... - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies.


As you may know, I've been having a bit of the sads lately because the Musher has been gone for so long.

Yes, yes, we have a wonderful caretaker and everythings and stuffs, but it's just not the same.  I miss her somethings terribly.

Since the past interviews have been a bit stressful, I didn't think my delicate condition could take anything exciting or stressful, so I found an interview subject that would be cooperative and non-stressful.

So without further ado (because ado is bothersome and troubling)...

It's Fridays with the toaster.

Bet: Hi Toaster.

Bet: yeah, yeah, I totally understand, been there, done that, ready for a nap too.

Bet: Ok, I think we're out of time, thanks for allowing me to interview you Toaster, I think it's time for lunch anyway, so go forth and toast things... and stuffs.



Sunday 22 March 2015

Poutine Ninja Training Part 1 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

While we wait for the last three Iditarod Mushers to finish, and the red lantern is blown out, I thought I'd give you an update on the stuffs and things a'happening at North Wapiti Kennels!

As you know, I'm the officially official nanny of North Wapiti, and I'm also the officially official trainer of itty bitty Pretty Curly Tails, and I'm a mentor for them as they grow up, and I have to teach them every aspect of Pretty Curly Tailness.

One of these aspects is Ninja skills.

You never know when they'll be on the trail and face a fearsome adversary and need to go all ninja on that adversary.  This is where I come in.

I am a certified Ninja.  I even have my very impressive certificate from Bob's House of Ninja Skills in Walla Walla, Washington.

So, you can clearly see that I am fully qualified to teach the Poutines how to take care of themselves.

I'll be honest, normally I start a lot earlier in their lives, but since I had to go with the Musher to a few races, I kinda fell behind in my training, so I took the time during the lull in everythings to catch up on training.

I decided that I would start with Opie and Gem.  They seem to have a lot more energy, and I didn't want to run the risk of having Opie Googles the Ninja training and learn the wrong way.  There is a right way and a wrong way to become a Ninja.

Bet: Ok little Poutinis, it's time for your Ninja training!

Opie: Aw Auntie Bet, there aren't any more Ninjas, they all died off....

Bet: Opie, not everything you read on the Interwebs is true!  There is a Bigfeets, and there are aliens, and Ninjas do exist, I have a certificate to prove that!  Now, both of you get down so we can start our training

Bet: Come on you two, get down there so we can start!

Bet: Ok, so today we're going to learn how to use your environment in both defensive and offensive Ninja skills stuffs and things.

Gem: Do I get to jump up and over things today because that would be really fun, you know I can jump on things and I can jump over things and jumping is pretty nimble and Ninja-like don't you think?

Bet: um... yes.

Bet: Ok, Gem, since you want to jump on things, why don't you demonstrate to me how to use your environment offensively, and Opie you will be the defensive attacker type things and stuffs

Gem: wha?

Opie: Just go hide somewhere and I'll pounce on you

Gem: Oh, why didn't she just say that then, ok, I'll go hidey hide and you seeky seek me and we'll have fun and I can jump over things!!!

Bet: Um, Gem sweetie, that's not a very good spot to hide, pretty much your whole body is exposed to the attacker

Gem: No it's not, it's a very good hidey spot because I blend in with the rocks and nobody can see me

Bet: Um, then why am I standing here talking to you

Gem: Nobody here but some rocks!

Bet: Okey Dokey, um, Opie, you know what you need to do then, right.

Opie: Well, I don't think it's very fair that I attack her when she's wedged into the rocks and everythings.

Bet: That's exactly what your adversary wants!  "Oooh look at me, I'm wedged in some rocks and helpless" and then BAM!  They stomp on you with pointy hooves!!!

Opie:  She doesn't have pointy hooves, what are you talking about?

Bet: just gnaw on her some!

Opie: How about I just squish her a little

Gem:  Nobody here, don't know who you're talking to, I'm just a rock

Bet: Gnaw on her!

Opie: I don't want to be a Ninja if I have to gnaw on things

Bet: Oh my goodness, it's not hard to gnaw on things, let me show you

Bet: gnaw, gnaw, gnaw!  See, I have her totally under my ninja spell.  Now you try it!

Gem: Hi Opie, don't hurt me ok?

Opie: Hey handler person, can we go to the library or something, I don't want to be a ninja.

Bet: Sigh, some pups are just not cut out to be Ninjas.  I really do think that Opie will get a desk job, and Gem will show up on "Dancing with the Stars".

Friday 20 March 2015

Fridays with Gem - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It's time for the formerly Wednesdays with .... and now it's Fridays with... and today's specially special guest is none other than...


Gem: Hi everyone, hello!  I'm so pleased to be here!  I couldn't wait until it was my turn to come in here for the interview, all of my brothers and sisters said they had such a good time with the interview and then it was my turn and I was like all happy and everything because it's fun and I love having fun are you having fun, I'm having fun, this is fun!!!!

Bet:  Um... well alrighty then, how about we go sit on the clouch and have our interview then, ok?

Gem: OOOH the clouch, I've heard so much about the clouches and you have two clouches and I'm sorry that whole deal with Opie didn't work out, I'm pretty sure he had no idea the Musher put a tracker on the purchases and whooo boy that was fun when the police guy came and yelled at the human person and OOOOOH I can jump over this chair, wanna see me jump over this chair, I can do it, I'm really good at jumping, let me jump over the chair ok, is that ok???

Bet: um...

Gem: I'm good, I got it, it was a bit higher than I thought but it's all good, the floor was a bit slippery, I wasn't expecting the floor to be so slippery otherwise I would have just jumped right over this arm thingie, but I got it, no really I'm fine.

Bet: um...

Gem: SEE!  I'm on the chair, I made it on the chair, the chair is pretty comfy actually, have you jumped in this chair, you're pretty springy, you could jump onto the chair, I bet you can make it, try to make it, can you make it???

Bet:  Um, no that's ok, how about we just go to the clouch and have our interview...

Gem: OOOOH there's a pretty candle on this table, that's one of the Pretty Curly Tails isn't it, I bet that's one of the Curly Tails from the kennel, I can't want to get into the big dog section it's so fun over there, they play all sorts of games and stuffs and they can also go for runs and pull the sled and run and run and run, I like to run, but I also like to jump I'm a good jumper...

Bet:  Um... we need to move over to the clouch for the interview now...

Gem: Ok, let's move to the clouches, the clouches are comfy, you know what, you know what, you know what, I bet I can jump over onto the clouches from here, I'm an excellent jumper, wanna see me jump, I can jump, I bet I can jump over there, oooh, I said "I bet" and that's your name Auntie Bet isn't that funny, ok, I'm gonna jump now!

Bet: Ummmmm

Gem: OOOH, that chair is slippery too, it's very slippery in here, I didn't expect it to be so slippery, but the clouch is nice, it smells like a lot of things, like cats, and there's my brothers and sisters, and has someone been eating waffles on here, I smell maple syrup, and a hint of shrimp, has there been shrimp lately, have you tried the tasty Eagle Pack Brand dog food yet, it's really tasty, and Eagle Pack Brand is the official sponsor of all of us!!!

Bet: Um, why yes, that's what I eat all the time and thank you for pointing that out...

Gem: LOOKY there's toys, look at the toys, I remember playing with these toys when I was just a tiny puppy in the pool, I really liked the pool it was fun being in the pool, is the octopus in here, I liked the octopus, we use to play tug the octopus in the pool before we went outside and then we don't have a lot of toys but there's plenty of fun things to play with out there so we don't need toys...

Bet:  Ok, can we start with the...

Gem: Oh look, there's the couch, I like the couch, I like jumping on the couch, I can jump on the couch even though it's really high, wanna see me jump on the couch, because I can jump on the couch...

Gem: See, the couch isn't that high, I can totally jump on the couch, it has a blanket on it, why does the couch have a blanket on it, that's kinda silly to put a blanket on the couch, it's not a bed it's a couch...

Bet: Um.....

Gem: Woooo it's pretty slippery, the floor is very slippery, but I'm sure I can make it on the couch, watch out I'm jumping on the couch, here I go running for the couch.

Bet: ok, be careful... sigh

Gem: See, I made it on the couch, I can jump really good, did you know I can jump really good, because I can jump really good, and you made it up here too, so you can jump really good too, we both can jump really good

Bet:  um... yeah

Gem: Oh look, it's Bait, I like Bait, he's a big kitty, I like big kitties, but he doesn't come to see us a lot any more for some reason, I think I'll go say hi to Bait

Bet: Um, you probably should leave him alone...

Gem: Oh look!  It's Tic!  Hi Tic, Hey Tic, Tic Tic Tic!!!  Come in and say Hi Tic!  What's up Tic, whatcha doing Tic, come on in, come on, come on in, Hey Tic!

Bet: Um, I don't think he wants to come in right now, I'm sure he's doing something important.

Gem: What's he doing?  What's so important, he can come in, he can take a break from stuffs and come in and say Hi, why doesn't he come in, he can come in, we can jump on things!

Bet: I think he's got an appointment or something.


Tic: Why do you keep doing this?

Bet: I honestly don't know, but thank you for coming in so she'd shut up.

Tic: Sure, any time... but you owe me next time there's shrimp.

Bet: fine, whatever.

Bet:  Ok, come on, we need to get on the clouch and do the interview

Gem: Ok, that's cool, can I jump on the clouch, I can jump on the clouch wanna see me jump on the clouch?

Bet: No, you don't have to jump on the clouch, just walk over and sit down.

Gem: but that's not fun, it's more fun to jump on the clouch, I can jump on the clouch, just watch me jump...

Bet: NO!

Gem: But I can just jump on the clouch, it'll be faster, just let me up so I can jump on the clouch and then we can do the interview, my brothers and sisters said the interview was fun and I've had fun so far so I'm sure the interview will be fun

Bet: Ok, look, you don't have to jump on the clouch because we're almost on the clouch now!  So we can start the interview!

Gem: You know what... I'm a bit tired now, can I take a nap first Auntie Bet?

Bet: sure... fine... sounds good to me.

- Bet