Wednesday 30 June 2004

June 30, 2004 Fall Warm-Up Weekend Invitation

4th Annual
September 3 - 6, 2004
Location: NorthWapiti Kennels, Perryvale, Alberta, Canada
(approx. 1 hour north of Edmonton)
Join us for a weekend of running dogs and socializing with fellow mushers. We will be opening our kennel and trails to all area mushers. Come for a 1/2 day, all day, 2 days or all weekend. There is plenty of camping and miles and miles of beautiful trails in the Tawatinaw River Valley. You will have the option of taking care of your own meals or joining us for a potluck meal each day.
This is not a training camp or any type of instructional weekend, but we will be happy to help people with any problems they are having with gear or getting the dogs hooked up for fall training. If interest in high we may run some open forum question and answer sessions in the afternoons. We are also inviting folks to bring along their excess, outdated, no longer wanted mushing gear for an informal swap meet.
Any number of dogs are welcome, whether it be 2 or 12. You will need to bring your own quad, carts, or training rigs and everything you need to hook up, secure and care for your own dogs (pickets lines, etc). If you just have one dog - come anyway - the trails are fabulous for a day or weekend hike. Or bring your bike and try out bike-joring. The blueberry crop this year is showing signs of being the best we have ever had - if for no other reason come out to pick blueberries! There will be more here then the bears, ourselves and our neighbors could possibly pick!
For further information - or to book a spot (there are no restrictions as for number teams, nor any fees - but we need to know how many are coming and what size teams/campers you are bringing, so we can make room) 
Please note - last year we had alot of last minute cancellations with folks wanting to reschedule for another weekend - this is the ONLY weekend we will be available to train with others. (After the long weekend, our Iditarod training schedule kicks into high gear!!)
Hoping to see lots of you in September!

Monday 28 June 2004

June 28, 2004 2005 Iditarod Musher Listing

I thought you might like to see the sign up list for the 2005 Iditarod. Due to a sudden change in the rules, I am in the second draw for starting positions. All mushers that showed up IN PERSON at the sign up picnic in Wasilla are going to be put in the first draw - anyone who signed up the first day, but not in person will be in a second draw. Am I happy about it? Absolutely not. I was especially bothered by the short notice of the rule change (3 weeks when the BYLAWS clearly state 4 MONTHS notice must be given on a rule change) - but it is a done deal and we are not going to dwell on it.
The other change to the rule is that the Restart of the Race will happen at 2pm instead of the traditional 10am. Because of that, some mushers, like Martin Buser and Jeff King have not entered the first day with a strategy of being in the 3rd draw and getting a later Bib number. I'm sure you will soon see their names on the musher sign up page.
2005 Iditarod Musher Listing - Sign-up order as of June 28, 2004

Signup # Last Name First Name City State Country Sex Status
1 Jones G.B. Wasilla AK USA M Veteran
2 Sihler Frank Wasilla AK USA M Veteran
3 Griffin Kelley Wasilla AK USA F Rookie
4 Solmonson Perry Plain WA USA M Veteran
5 Scdoris Rachael Bend OR USA F Rookie
6 Cummins Randy Wasilla AK USA M Rookie
7 Williams Mike Akiak AK USA M Veteran
8 Ekamarak Willie Akiachak AK USA M Rookie
9 English Ted Willow AK USA M Veteran
10 Mackey Jason Kasilof AK USA M Veteran
11 Swenson Rick Two Rivers AK USA M Veteran
12 Williams Kelly Two Rivers AK USA F Veteran
13 Baker John Kotzebue AK USA M Veteran
14 Redington, Jr Ray Fairbanks AK USA M Veteran
15 Royer Jessie Fairbanks AK USA F Veteran
16 Barron John Helmville MT USA M Veteran
17 Sousa Gerald Talkeetna AK USA M Veteran
18 Brooks Ramy Healy AK USA M Veteran
19 McKee Sandy Fairbanks AK USA F Rookie
20 Seavey Mitch Seward AK USA M Veteran
21 Seavey Dallas Seward AK USA M Rookie
22 Seavey Tyrell Seward AK USA M Veteran
23 Hendricks Jessica Copper Center AK USA F Veteran
24 Capistrant Todd Healy AK USA M Veteran
25 Britz David Willow AK USA M Rookie
26 Plettner Lynda Willow AK USA F Veteran
27 Jonrowe Dee Dee Willow AK USA F Veteran
28 Zirkle Aliy Two Rivers AK USA F Veteran
29 Anderson Ken Fairbanks AK USA M Veteran
30 Currier Judy Wasilla AK USA F Veteran
31 Moderow Debbie Atlin AK USA F Rookie
32 Morgan Phil Anchorage AK USA M Rookie
33 Smyth Cim Big Lake AK USA M Veteran
34 Iten Ed Kotzebue AK USA M Veteran
35 Huttunen Dan Wasilla AK USA M Rookie
36 Fiedler Linwood Willow AK USA M Veteran
37 Bartlett Peter Wasilla AK USA M Veteran
38 Knolmayer Tom Eagle River AK USA M Rookie
39 Lyrek Trine Seward AK USA F Rookie
40 Tresino Dave Talkeetna AK USA M Veteran
41 Steer Zack Sheep Mountain AK USA M Veteran
42 Kyzer Peryll Willow AK USA F Veteran
43 Smyth Ramey Big Lake AK USA M Veteran
44 Steyer Bill Fairbanks AK USA M Rookie
45 Paulsen Gary Tularosa MN USA M Veteran
46 Wang Cliff Lincoln MT USA M Veteran
47 Stamm Ben Argyle WI USA M Veteran
48 Andersen Bjornar Oslo Norway M Rookie
49 Lovati Fabrizio Aosta Italy M Veteran
50 Sorlie Robert Hurdal Norway M Veteran
51 Rasmussen Steve Melrose MN USA M Rookie
52 Burmeister Aaron Nome/Nenana AK USA M Veteran
53 Gatt Hans Atlin BC Canada M Veteran
54 Swingley Doug Lincoln MT USA M Veteran
55 Warren Jim Linwood MI USA M Veteran
56 Stielstra Ed McMillan MI USA M Veteran
57 Ramstead Karen Perryvale Alberta Canada F Veteran
58 Gould Melanie Talkeetna AK USA F Veteran
59 Gebhardt Paul Kasilof AK USA M Veteran
60 Greger Robert Bozeman MT USA M Rookie
61 Smith Scott Dubois WY USA M Veteran
62 Moroney Diana Chugiak AK USA F Veteran
63 Niggemeier Rudi Salzkotten AK Germany M Rookie
64 Smith Greta Chugiak AK USA F Rookie
65 Barron Harmony Lincoln MT USA F Veteran
66 Lanier Jim Chugiak AK USA M Veteran
67 Stamm Mark Riverside WA USA M Rookie
68 Merritt Judy Moose Pass AK USA F Rookie

Keep an eye on the Iditarod website for updates as more mushers sign up!