Thursday, 11 March 2004

March 11, 2004 Sorry Fans, No GPS Allowed

I talked to Karen last night, she found me over at Maureen Chrysler's place having a terrific Halibut diner. I was right in the middle of replacing a ballast on one of Maureen's kitchens lights when the phone rang, next year* I'm bringing my tools. Anyway, Karen sounded great and everything is fine. She is now taking her 24 hour break in Takotna, which will actually be 25 hours long because she is musher 58 in a 88 musher field. She will be allowed to leave tonight at 7:55 Alaska time. 

Karen said that a few of the dogs had a glitch in their gate but it wasn't anything that a days rest wouldn't cure. She told me that she lost her team on the top of the Happy River steps and bruised a hip up pretty good, the sled stopped when it got wedged in between a couple of trees, It took her and two guys to pull it out and only suffered superficial damage. 

I'm waiting for Karen to call me again this morning. I did get a few questions that I can answer with out talking to her.
  • Mushers are not allowed to carry any type of GPS or cell phone. They can carry an Emergency Locater Beacon, but if they activate it they are disqualified immediately.
  • The only place in the race where positions matter is in Nome.
  • Yes, I do have Karen's racing schedule, and No, you are not getting it. Remember that Karen is actually racing this year and we don't want anyone to know what Karen is planning on doing. I will let you know that Karen is right on Schedule.
I'll probably write another entry after I talk to Karen.

Editor's Note: * Isn't it great to hear that they plan on running next year too!

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