Saturday, 6 March 2004

March 6, 2004 Pre-Race Task List

It's finally here! The Anchorage start is in a few hours. It's not quite 5am  and I beat Karen up for a change. She's up now, Mark will be soon. We load the dogs in a half hour. Jamie West will be here to ride in with Karen, Mark and myself. Jamie is double sledding with Karen through Anchorage today and I think she's looking forward to today like a kid on christmas eve. The temperature has cooled off and it should be a good day.

The excitement has been building slowly. It's funny to watch Karen and Mark together. They make a great team. Last night Mark told a visiting Jr Iditarod racer that today, all Karen had to do was get up, shower, put her makeup on, get in the truck. Get out of the truck in Anchorage, talk to public. Then talk to media. Then get on the runners and go.

LOL (lots of laughs)... it sounded good. Karen swore she would hold him to it!

Well, I hear Mark up. Time to eat my oatmeal, grab my gloves, load dogs, and we'll be off and running. I'm excited too, and all I'm going for is to watch, load/unload dogs, scoop poop. LOL sounds like fun, eh?

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