Thursday, 18 March 2004

March 18, 2004 Leaders into Nome

As many of the NorthWapiti Yahoo News Group anticipated Karen's arrival in Nome for the finish of the race, some wondered, "As we all watch the webcams, who will the leaders be?" (Grover & Kara was the first guess)...

Post Race - Karen's reply:

Grover, of course, was in lead. Kara didn't like the crowds at the Willow restart, so I opted to leave her back in swing and had Chester up front for the finish. Now Chester isn't always the most reliable dog in lead, he really doesn't listen much to me, so I did take a moment to stop and go up and whisper a threat in his ear before we came up over the sea wall and into Nome :) 

He was obviously listening well then, because he did a super job assisting Grover up Front Street and into the chute. Mark heard someone comment on what good leaders I had as they responded to my commands to position themselves to come directly under the arch! :)


Chester running right lead (with white shawl) and
Grover leading down the finish chute in Nome.
© Sunhusky

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