Tuesday, 16 March 2004

March 16, 2004 Unalakleet Phone Call

Its noon in Alaska and I just got off of the phone with Karen. She is in very good spirits, her and all the dogs are doing fine. She dropped Draco in Galena because he chipped a toe nail and it cracked, but I haven't got my phone call yet.

Earlier in the race Karen lost her mushers vest that Cabela's gives out to all the mushers, she wasn't too concerned about the vest except for the fact that it had her calling card and money in it. Even the calling card was something that she could live with out, but with out the money she wouldn't be able to buy what she has been looking forward to for several years, pizza in Unalakleet. Well her vest was found and returned to her, and as we were talking she was waiting for her pizza. Last year she really didn't feel like eating when she was there.

She has received several parcels along the race from list members, including chocolates from her Mom. She hasn't received any Mush-o-grams yet.

She spread Orion's ashes along the river 21 miles south of Galena at sunset the other night. I picked Kobuk's ashes up at the vet clinic yesterday so we're even again.

Kara is still being the little superstar.

The trail is slowing down and Karen is a little behind schedule because of the warm weather, so she's going to have to pick things up a bit if she plans on getting to Nome in 12 days. She didn't sound like it bothered her one way or the other. Its kind of like getting a silver medal in the Olympics, its not what you were working for, but its still nice.


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