Sunday, 14 March 2004

March 14, 2004 Phone Conversations with Karen

I just got off the phone with Karen, she has been in Galena for a while, I had to tell her where she was. She sounded tired. She still has all 16 dogs and everyone is doing fine.

She says that it's hot outside and the trail didn't set up last night. She's thinking about adjusting her schedule so she can run more at night.

Hello again,

I talked to Karen at noon, she had gotten some rest and food, and sounded a lot more chipper. She said that it was sunny and hot outside so her and Doug decided to rest at the checkpoint instead of going out in the heat of the day. This will put her off her schedule, but she figures that she can make some of the time back at night or if it cools off during the day.

Karen bonding with one of the dogs in Ruby.
© Cool Dreams Racing Team
Our thanks for use of this photo.

One of the dogs required two stitches after pushing a team mate into a snowbank. It was Loki who got the stitches after Draco apparently got tired of looking at him, and did something about it. The hole was in his head, so it doesn't affect anything that he uses anyway, and it will heal before he goes in the show ring again.


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