Sunday, 7 March 2004

March 7, 2004 Race Day & Our Sponsors

6:00 am Race Day

Well, the training and planning is done, the bags are packed, the dogs are ready – it’s time to leave for Nome!

Much has happened in last 4 days and I hope Mark has the time to catch you up on some of it in the next while. I’ve just run out of time!

I did want to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors. It is because of all of you that I can step on the runners today and head on this most amazing journey. Despite the butterflies in my stomach this morning, I love the life I lead and I know it just wouldn’t be possible without the support so generously given by so many. Words can never properly express my gratitude – but from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!!

(And Mark will have to fill you in on the final 16 – I STILL haven’t made that last cut!!)
Talk to you all in 12 days!

Lead Dog Sponsors
Dawne Deeley & The Tsarshadow Gang - Sidney, B.C
Natalie Norris - Willow, Alaska
Doug and Donna Finner - New Hampshire
Westlock Vet Clinic - Westlock, Alberta
Denise Linley - Farmington, B.C.

Swing Dog Sponsors

Janet Yeager-Elliot of Atascadero, CA
Morna Murray - Calgary, Alberta

Team Dog Sponsor

Bob Ford - Champaign, Illinois

Wheel Dog Sponsors

Mary Curtis Horowitz & Irving Louis Horowitz

Cheryl Liddle, Selina Topete and Fresca - Concord/Pittsburg, California
Gwen Ross - Langley, British Columbia
John and Jona Van Zyle - Eagle River, Alaska 

Our Other Sponsors!
Edna Swift - Beaverton, Oregon
Bonnie Wyatt - Calico Rock, Arkansas
Siberian Husky Club of Metro Dallas
Siberian Husky Club of Greater Chicago
Deborah (Deb.) Bok
Quebec Chapter of the SHCC
Karen Yeargain / K-collars - Oregon
Big Lake Susitna Veterinary Hospital - Alaska
Joan Bryner - Willow, Alaska
"Our Memorial for Orion"
Zel Warner, Alice Uehling,Mark Pullen, Kathy Laberge, 
June Price, Barb Bennett, and Marlene Daniels, MLG

Happy Feet Sponsors
Marcie Yont - Calgary, Alberta
'The Kuerbis Family - Fort McMurray, Alberta 
Phyllis Frick - Westlock, Alberta 
Sponsor-A-Dog Sponsors
(Includes pictures of dogs and brief descriptions)


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