Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bait Living LARGE

Yesterday was an extremely exciting day for Bait. See he loves sit on the cars of folks that visit here. Over the years his butt has graced dog trucks, mini vans, rental cars, pick up trucks, tractors and more - but never anything like this!!!!

Yup, that's right a Beamer!!! Now that is living in style - even for Bait.

Notice how his nose is stuck up in the air hanging out on the hood of that Beamer. That's a content cat.

Now the Beamer's owner (who happens to be my baby brother, Geek) wasn't as content, but he wisely decided that as long as the cat was already up there he was unlikely to do any damage to the much loved vehicle.

Geek, Mrs. Geek and I had a lovely, long overdo visit!
All the dogs got pets and loving - well maybe not Bet, who isn't big on visitors - but especially Cricket and the Rice Krispies. Oh yeah - and Jr and Q, Melissa and Jim's respective favorites!

Melissa posted some of her pictures (which are adorable) on her Picasa site

I'm sure you will enjoy them!!



robfrad said...

Those puppies have gotten so big in the two weeks since I was there.

I see Crunchie still been working on the hole he started too.

Thanks for the good time Karen.

Missing Q and Watt

Pat from Chicago said...

So did Queen Kara get a ride in the beamer? It would certainly suit her style!!