Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Jigsaw Puzzles

My name is Karen Ramstead and I am a JigZone addict!!!

I am not seeking a cure, I'm just looking to drag more people down to my level!!

Check out the first NorthWapiti jigsaw at


Rille said...

Funny but i tried to solve the puzzle to far to the left! (if you see what i mean) after a while i ended up finish it in 2.45 minutes :)

husky mom said...

I was a JigZone addict last year! Which is your favorite cut, Karen? I like the "48 piece classic": that type is hard enough to be a challenge, but not a huge time waste (about 5 minutes)-- unless you do a bunch of them at one sitting!

Tammy in Silver Spring said...

I really didn't need ANOTHER addiction...but thanks for sharing!

Karen Ramstead said...

Glad you are all enjoying the site!!!
My favorite is the 90+ piece lizard cut! Takes awhile but I solve puzzles while watching TV!!
Multitasking - got to love it!


granimar said...

I'm not very speedy, but I'm sure tenacious. HA

Katerina said...

Oh, I love it! Thanks for sharing. Not that I need to spend more time by the comp, but... LOL

I played your "butterfly and dog hair" and already created my own album. Sent you a buddy invitation, check it out sometime.