Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Flying the Nest

As I reached the end of the driveway the other day and was waiting to pull out onto the highway, our neighbour Markus Husch's truck was doing the same on the other side. As he turned south and I headed north we each waved, but I have to admit that I watched his truck pull away in my rear view mirror with more then a moment of sadness. See the truck was loaded down with Markus belongings, as he is heading off to a new job in Drayton Valley, Alberta.
Certainly it is not that far and with Markus's parents still across the road, I know he will be home and therefore visiting us every now and again - but Markus has been regular around here for about 7 years and we are going to miss him.

He started working for us when he was around 14 (correct me if I'm wrong Markus), shoveling the yard after school and on weekends. Over the years he quit being an 'employee' and just became a good friend.
Markus has bailed Mark and I out of more situations then we can count over the years. Everything from accompanying me to Alaska, handling at races, helping with feeding and shoveling when we got stuck, helping me deal with annoying porcupines and more.

Certainly in the last few years we have seen less of him due to his own work and life commitments, but just last year when Mark and I ended up in a jam due to us both working shutdown at the Mill and some unexpected bad weather, Markus was there waiting to help out every night when we got home.

The whole Husch family is very special to Mark and I, but Markus most of all, as he was the start of the family's relationship with the kennel and therefore part of our lives the longest.

I know Markus that you have a terrific family to support you but I hope you also know that our door is always open to you - anytime/any place. We consider you family!

Good luck in your new job and new life, my friend!


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Barbara said...

Jim and I were lucky enough to have met Markus's sister, Anna, better known as "Baby Wench," when she came with Collen (one of the "Wench" girls) to Montana in 2008 to help Karen. If Markus is anything as wonderful as his little sister, then I understand what you have written. And having to say goodbye to my own son when he turned 18, I know how heart-wrenching goodbyes can be, even though you wish them well in their new endeavors. I suspect that Markus holds you and Mark as dearly to his heart, also.