Monday, 29 June 2009

A New Coat

The paint on the dog truck has not been holding up very well, so this summer Mark has made it his project to refinish it.

First EVERYTHING was stripped off it - doors, lights, hinges, safety bars, etc, etc.

Next up was the VERY messy job of sanding.

Mark is in town today buying some fancy type (read - expensive) of paint for it. The truck is sitting in the driveway, safely wrapped up in a giant blue tarp waiting for it's new coat!!



BADASmusher said...

why don't you go with the bedliner spray like Rhino-liner or something. It comes in different colors now so you could still go red. Our box has black on it but it doesn't chip or peel.

Karen Ramstead said...

The top of the truck is rhino lined, but I think cost is the factor in not doing the rest of the truck.


Chris said...

WoW , it looks so so different .

It will look like a brand new truck when his done.

Cheers Chris