Monday, 8 June 2009

Random Photos

Just some random shots from the last few weeks around the kennel!!! Absolutely no rhyme or reason to the pictures - just images I wanted to share!!
Rob F. from Calgary who was out doing a 'Training Weekend' with me at the beginning of June.
That's Watt and Runner taking him for a scooter ride!

Sprite and 'Mini Sprite' aka Snap

My new Pawtrekker scooter!! Thanks Rob!!

A very 'zen' Kara


"I am puppy - hear me roar!"



Moses may never forgive me for posting this - yes, that's Mo leading Lisa's 2 border collies (Hope and Kate) and Aussie (Bruce) on a scooter run.

Toni and Runner

Just so you all know that Bet isn't stealing all the 'Cloud time'.


Meg (who needs a new dog house - which is on the 'summer project' list)

Skookum with Charge behind

Kara checking out more of my plantings!


robfrad said...

Had a great time Karen and I enjoyed the time you spent with me. You have the perfect dogs and trails. So enjoyed the scootering and enjoyed running the dogs, especially Watt, Runner and my fav Q.

I hope you and your guest enjoy the scooter. Anytime you need help let me know.

Rob Fradette

husky mom said...

Love that photo of Sprite and her pup next to the rocks!