Tuesday, 16 June 2009

“You ain't gonna miss your water until your well runs dry”

As many of you that follow me on Facebook probably know, we had a scare with our water on Sunday morning. Thankfully, I had already gotten my first pot of coffee brewing before the taps started sputtering and snorting. All crisis's are easier to deal with with coffee in your system.

Mark was (as usual when a crisis occurs) at work. We chatted about the problem on the phone but unfortunately water system problems are beyond my scope of knowledge, so it was a 'waterless' day until Mark got home at 7pm. We have a water cooler for drinking water anyway and I ran over to Lisa's for a few buckets of water to top off dog water buckets so it really wasn't a serious hardship.

Mark figured that the problem was related to our water softener unit (this is what takes out the iron that is prevalent in country water systems) so today he spent the day taking that apart and giving it a complete cleaning.

He also got the idea that it was time to give a 'bleach shock treatment' to the well - so while Sunday was a 1/2 day without water without choice, tomorrow is a day without water by choice.

What does it take to get us easily through a day without running water???

This.... (all the dogs with full water buckets)

and this.... (backup dog water)

and this... (backup household water)

and this... (rain barrels for the plants, as we haven't had rain in quite awhile

And oh yes, the coffee pot is full and waiting to be turned on in the morning.

Ain't country living grand???


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Laura said...

Karen, I can honestly relate! When we lose electricity due to ice storms or thunderstorms, we do not have our well water, which translates to (yes, ewwww!) no flushing toilets, either!