Sunday, 21 June 2009


The last few days the news, TV and Internet have been crowded with talk of the solstice and the first day of summer. Bah humbug, I say. All I can think about is that this means we have 'turned the corner' and are heading back towards winter. Shorter days, cooler mornings and evenings are not that far away

Soon we will be back to this....

Have I snapped you out of your 'summer solstice party' mood yet?? Sorry - okay, your right - I'm really not!

Maybe part of my focus on 'impending winter' is that I filled out and send off my Iditarod entry form on Thursday. Many thanks to my Mom, Richard and Sue Tremblay, and of course, my hubby (who put in a TREMENDOUS amount of overtime in the last few months) for helping me come up with the $4000 (that $4660 Canadian) in time for a Day 1 sign up!!

Taking last year off was not fun for me - downright painful, in fact. Not that signing up was much better though - I tripped UP the steps to the Athabasca Post Office in my hurry to get the entry off and badly skinned both my knees. I think most adults have forgotten just how much skinning your knees really hurts - let me tell you - it hurts ALOT.

I fretted a bit over the fact that maybe 'the world' was trying to tell me something - but eventually figured out that the message was probably just 'don't try to dial your cell phone while running up cement steps'.

Our traditional 'start of the new season' date is July 1, so I am taking alittle downtime before things start to kick up again - but the excitement is in the air!

So you guys enjoy your solstice party - I'm partying because now winter is officially on it's way back!!

The Winter Chick


Joyce L said...

Trying to figure out how I can get everything done that needs doing around here with 88 degrees and 90% humidity I couldn't agree with you more!!! I'm a summer blob lol

The Thundering Herd said...

Just commented this afternoon that I was done with the heat and humidity - I really miss winter!

granimar said...

My part of Montana has seen limited warm weather--lots of cloudy, cool, windy, rainy stuff. The few pots of planted things are just sitting there hunched up. I'm ready for the downward slide to cooler weather that's supposed to be cooler.
Marlene, mlg