Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Cows .... err.....Wild Roses

So a bunch of sleeping, wildly shedding Siberians aren't all that fun to take pictures of, so since our summer neighbours, the cows, showed up the other day, I thought I'd do a blog entry on them.

When I came home from Athabasca this afternoon they were lounging peacefully in the woods right beside the road.

I hopped on the ATV and puttered up the hill to snap the pictures I wanted for the blog entry. No cows. No problem, they are cows, they couldn't have gone far.

I drove along the highway ditch for a bit - no cows. I went back to one of the gates and went into their pasture. There were signs (and smells) that indicated cows had been there not too long ago but no cows.

Now granted, the girls have over 400 acres to roam on but still whenever I have young leaders in front of my teams, I'm sure to find them. And everytime I try and take the dogteam through a gate, they seem to be casually hanging around that very gate.

How tough could this be???

I cruised up out of the valley and checked by the dugouts. Came down a trail I didn't know existed (and that will be nice for running dogs on this fall and winter) and checked out the big pastures. No cows.

I stopped and listened for them. No luck. I was beginning to take this personally.

Yes, I have said some less then nice things about them in my journals over the years. I've also insulted their parentage and threatened to turn them into steaks on numerous occasions (dog teams and cows aren't always the best mix) but really we have a pretty good relationship. I keep them safe by closing gates that irresponsible quadders leave open - and I go out and shoo away Mark's stupid cat when he stalks them when they venture down near our house. You would think they could at least give me a few pictures for the blog.

Apparently not.

Finally I decided I had devoted far too much time to this project and came home.
It's a long ways till September Girls. I will catch you off guard at sometime!

Oh, to amuse myself on my travels, I snapped a few images of the wonderful wild roses that are in bloom all over the place right now. Check out our license plate - Alberta is Wild Rose Country!


husky mom said...

Silly cows.

BADASmusher said...

I guess the cows knew you didn't have any dogs out. They must only come down for the dogs. :-)

alahna said...

Just droppin in to say hi from downunder and to let you know we think your fantastic! I recntly competed in my first dryland sled event(I came 3rd)My 12yo son came first in junior, my daughter10yo came second and my baby who is 3 competed in peewee! We held an auction and i won a signed dog bootie of yours!So its at home in OZ! LOVE YOUR SIBES!
From alahna, TJ, Liam, Shonia and Hemotu

Karen Ramstead said...

Thanks Alahna!!!!