Monday, 29 June 2009

Some Oldies - But Goodies!

Visitors to the kennel know that the first dogs you meet/see in our yard - well, other then the fearsome Cricket who tries to intimidate visitors into not getting out of their cars (Truth be told, Mark has a bag of cookies in his car and gives her a treat each day when he gets home, so she is really looking for cookies, but most visitors don't know that!) are the seniors.

Geriatric Park or G-Park as Colleen calls it, is located just off the the side of the driveway. The residents love to watch activities up by the garage and from their vantage point they can overseas just about everything that goes on in the yard.

I was up doing a bit of grooming on the Seniors this afternoon and realized it had been a long time since I had taken pictures of them. Their patience is limited and I don't like to push the point with them, I just generally groom until they tell me they have had enough. A couple, like Joey and Jumper aren't much interested in being groomed either. So, don't expect spiffily groomed dogs, but they are a silly wonderfully affection group!!

BTW - FIVE of these guys are turning THIRTEEN this year. They are spunky, energetic and in great health.

Draco will be 12 in November. He is still quite the character and loves ruling his 'harem' of Joey, Jumper and Kaylinn!

Joey will be 12 in September!

Jumper is still a little leary of strangers, but bossy as all get out in her 'Pack'. She will be 13 in September.

Kaylinn. I think Kaylinn is mostly deaf, but it could be 'Siberian selective deafness'. She turned 13 last month.

Nik. Age has not dimmed Nik's obnoxiousness a bit. He will be 12 in October.

Gus. As sweet and easy going as always. Gus will be 13 in July.

Camilla. Gosh I love this gal. She, like her brother Gus, will be be 13 in July.

Mannie. He actually looks much better in person then in these shots (he likes to be right next to me whenever I'm in G - Park, so it is hard to get a great shot of him.). Mr. Man turned 13 in January.

Loki is really in with the seniors due to lack of space in the main kennel. He will be 10 in August.

I've got a lot of memories with these old guys!



Barbara said...

One of the things we all love about you Karen is the regard in which you hold your dogs. And the seniors are right there with the others. In fact as you say, you have a lot of great memories with them - that really puts them ahead of the "newer" dogs! How wonderful to read about them and to see those loving photos!

The Thundering Herd said...

What a beautiful group. Love seeing the seniors so happy.

As for the jigzone, I sure hope that will not be a regular feature because I will have to go try everyone you put up out there.

Chris said...

Thanks for the great pic's of G Park, ( Yes Colleen has me saying it as well )

Its great to see the old guys and girls so happy and in good spirit.


Husky Howllow said...

IMHO Siberians age more gracefully than any other breed. Puppies are a treat, young dogs are great, but give me the seniors any day. Spending time with them and re living memories is a wonderful way to honour them.

Husky Howllow
Dugald, Mb.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Karen. I love your dogs! Thanks so much for all the love you give all of your dogs. That love and concern comes through every post you make to this blog and to the fans. Diane

granimar said...

Ah-h-h-h these shots are about "heart memories", even as far away as Montana. I always used Camilla's little dot between her ears to tell her in the race photos. Gus, graces tee shirts, sweatshirts, Christmas ornaments, etc. I always had to look so close to tell Gus and Smiley in race photos. What fun it was to visit them in May and then get home and try to sort my photos.