Wednesday, 2 February 2011

This Just In! - Bet

OHMYGOSH!  Bet here, and boy is my fur red!

With all of the juggling of the interwebs, then the hostage negotiating with cranky Sherpas for Bait (more on that later, but shhhh don't say anything to the Musher), I totally forgot about updating the blogasphere about the race.

Ahem.... THIS JUST IN!  It was a very exciting race ending dear readers, you should have been there.  Full of mystery, intrigue, and drama!

Ok, actually the snow was just amazingly glue-like and the poor dogs slogged and slogged and slogged and pulled and pulled, and the mushers pushed and pushed, and it literally took them all FOREVER to get anywhere, so the kind racing officials called the race in Greenwood... whew!

The Musher got 3rd place, Richard got 4th place, and the winner was Steve Mullen, with Stefaan De Marie in 2nd place, and honorable mention to Gerry Walker!

All of the curly tails are fine, the Musher and Richard are fine, and nobody set their pants on fire... sigh.

For your viewing enjoyment, I bring you the after race banquet video!  You'll get to actually SEE the infamous Barry!  We're also disappointed that Richard was too overcome with pride to speak, because he has that really cool accent thing, but you do get to see my Musher, who says that she's coming back to the Rail Trail 200 again... I hope I can come along, I heard they have really good cookies there.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bet,
Thank you for the update, I was so disappointed when Richard didn't speak I so wanted to hear his English Accent. How long will Barry be staying?

Anonymous said...

So glad every member of both teams are safe & not injured. Congrats to Karen & Richard on their great runs. What magnificent "Pretty Sled Dogs"! Have a safe trip home.
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Barbara said...

Glue-like snow... a great description for the snow we have right now in the midwest.
Congratulations to The Musher and Richard and the curly tails!