Thursday, 17 November 2011


Yesterday was our first camping trip of the season. I'm going to let Bet tell the story of the actual 'camping' part of the trip - as it was her first camping experience and I'm sure her version of the events are more entertaining then mine (parked dogs, fed dogs, fed humans, snack dogs, left).

The run was our 'traditional' 24 miles over to the Forfar campground, a 2 1/2 hour break there, then home.
The team was:

See and Wonder
Bang and Jinx
Kelly and Boo
Crackle and Bingo
Q and Wolvie
Rocky and TopDog
Astro and Irving
Snert and Roscoe

The dogs put in an EXTREMELY solid 24 mile run on the trip over. In fact, we beat our 'support crew' (Mark, Brittany and Bet). Luckily I had some extra fish to keep the dogs amused till their meal arrived!!!

The veterans camped like....well...veterans. The rookies were nice enough not to eat any lines or harnesses, which often does happen on early season trips, but didn't get a ton of rest either.

We usually take a break of anywhere from 2 - 4 hours on these trips. Because the dogs had ran over so strong and were not resting particularly well we started packing up after just over 2 hours.

Unfortunately, about 200 yards into the run home my ATV decided it wasn't getting enough attention and promptly quit.
We were able to get it running again (Mark was still around to help out) but I couldn't shut it off or change gears at all. As it was dark, running the headlights was my biggest concern (even though we had headlamps and a light on Wonder) and we were able to do that, so I limped it the 24 miles home.

Brittany was with me on the ride home, but the dogs still ran home really solid.

We arrived back in the yard shortly before 9pm. All the main string dogs were fed, the team tucked into their houses for the night and then off to bed for us.

The plan is to do it all again today, but a winter storm warning (no, I've not gotten soft - but training on road with an ATV in a storm is different then being on a trail with a sled) and that balky ATV might stall plans for a day or so. We will see!


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