Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Turns out that Bait wasn't the only one having a relaxing day...

The dogs had a day off running today as we tried to get a few other 'pre-winter' chores done. Of course, things didn't go as planned - they never do - and we will likely be charging around full speed tomorrow running dogs AND getting errands done!! But the dogs seemed to enjoy a day to lounge!!




Pop - can you tell he is Crunchie's boy?



Even the non 'curly tails' got in the the action (or lack there of)...

Although blog followers really know that that is a frequent 'state' for my freaky little border collie!!!

Wait, was that a critter wandering into the yard????

"Nah, it was nothing"

But there is always one that can't be content to go with the flow!!

That's my girl Jinxie...

There is a reason you are my number 1 'go to' race leader!!!

We will be back at it tomorrow!!

1 comment:

Louise Midkiff said...

Bait, the Yogi. But Jinx needs to be the poster dog with that howl. (Sorry, Rocket!)