Friday, 4 November 2011

Reminder: There's Really Cool Stuff to be had! - Bet

Howdy ho everybody!  Its your prepping for reporting and roving Border Collie Bet here!

Things are really getting exciting around here now that the Pretty Curly Tails are gearing up for real training in preparation for the IDITAROD!!!

As the Musher wrote, the morning soup is being doled out, the young ones are sitting it out, and the real training begins!

Since the Musher and Curly Tails are hard at work training, I thought I'd send out a reminder of the myriad ways that you can be a part of the North Wapiti team and help them get to Alaska... and look stylish and cool all at the same time!

First off, I wanted to remind you about the really cool cow sweater that the Musher helped knit.  Yeah, I bet you thought that we forgot about the sweater, but ooooh noooo, we didn't forget at all!

We will be drawing at the end of November for the person that gets this really cool, made by Musher, hand knitted from baa baa sheepy wool stuff sweater and the person that will get the really cool keeps your crampy hands warm wristie things that were knitted by Handler (smells of cookies) Helen!

For more details on these cool things, please read all about it here, then come back and get your chance in by clicking the Sweater button that's on the right hand side alllll the way down the... oh forget about that, here's the sweater button right here:

So, what else is there???

Well, we have very limited selections of sweatpants, hoodies, bumper stickers, and t-shirts.  Please contact the Musher Minions to find out what sizes we have, and how to purchase them.

We also have the really fleecy soft EXCLUSIVE North Wapiti Gee/Haw mittens!  Not only are the soft and warm, but they are educational and a great conversation piece because you know people are going to ask you what the heck Gee and Haw means, and you can tell them all about me and the Pretty Curly Tails.  You will be the envy of society with your warm, soft, fluffy, educational, totally awesome mittens.

Besides... you'll need the soft, fluffy, educational, totally awesome mittens, because they will match the next cool item we'll be rolling out soon and you don't want to mismatch, now do you??

- Bet (I'm such a tease)

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