Friday, 11 November 2011

The Week (or so) In Review - Bet

Yes everybody, its time for a recap of the Interwebs and the adventures of the Pretty Curly Tails and Musher.

We're pleased to announce that Brittany has gone a full week without getting run over by the dog team, or any other mechanical equipment!  Congratulations!  We had wagers when the dog food and straw got delivered, but nobody won, so back in the kitty it goes... oops, sorry Bait and Tic, I mean: back in the bank.

Brittany was not squished here

Brittany was not squished here
So, as you can see it was delivery week at North Wapiti, with 150 bags, or 6,000 pounds of Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food dog food delivered.  Eagle Pack... the official sponsor of Pretty Curly Tails and North Wapiti (shameless plug).

It takes a lot of food for the Pretty Curly Tails (I prefer waffles and peanut butter), especially since they are in full training mode.

Here are the pups with Tess and Billie leading on a 25 mile run in the morning.  Tess and Billie successfully navigated past a neighbor's clearly suicidal Yorkie, who thought it could take on 16 sled dogs.

After a run, the pups enjoy a post-training meal.  Here is Crunchie and Jack enjoying their raw chicken (ground with bone in), kibble and water.  I had a peanut butter sandwich.

Here is WiFi on one of the runs.  I have to admit that when you position his tail just right, you get really good throughput for Sheepbook.

Here's Wonder and Crackle on a snack/water break half way through a 26 mile run... by the way, Crackle does need a sponsor... just sayin.

Of course TopDog has no time for dilly dally and is all business.  He thinks that resting is for sissies and wants to get going again.

When the dogs had a down day from training, there was a lot of lounging around while Jinx sang to the dog yard.  The only song she knows is "Bingo was her Name-o" which gets a bit tiresome...

... especially for poor Bingo.

Brittany took this beautiful picture of a rainbow over the Athabasca River... and was not run over by anything.

So as you can see, it was a pretty good week at North Wapiti

- Bet


Anonymous said...

I love seeing all this info about the behind the scenes work. The curly tails look just magnificent!!!
Great photos!
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Wild Dingo said...

ok, i totally would love to sponsor Crackle, simply because of my "cracker" GSFMD doggie along with my sibe... but I will have to ask my hubbie when he gets home... i didn't know you needed sponsors! i just adore reading your running/training/living with criminals, err, i mean hard working siberians! (sorry, i call mine a criminal... i have a huge soft spot for her shenanigans...)

Wild Dingo

miann said...

Love all the behind the scenes info! Inquiring minds want to know: How long does 6000 pounds of dog food last? How much does each dog get per feeding?

Signed, Rocket (Canine Companions for Independence puppy-in-training)


Really enjoy your blogs. I usually check in after I walk my dogs in the morn.


Great to hear that training is going good - really enjoy your blog - it always tickles my funny bone.