Friday, 4 November 2011

Occupy The Bathroom

Okay, this isn't a recent thing - so it is unlikely our cat has taken his motivation from the recent 'Occupy' movements - but late each fall Bait (aka 'Mark's Stupid Cat') moves into our bathroom and 'occupies' it for the winter.

Resistance to his presence is fairly futile and in no time handlers, visitors and  I get used to sharing the bathroom with it's 'owner'. He's usually very polite and stays in his window retreat..

...well, until you run water....

Go figure....he loves water.

He spends alot of time sitting outside the door to his domain...

...guarding it, I suppose.

If anyone in the house makes a move towards it, he charges in ahead of you.

I know....

...he's just not right in the head.

But really, can any cat that lives in a sled dog kennel really be right in the head????

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Anonymous said...

especially a cat named bait!!