Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cramping - Bet

Just in case you were wondering, I spelled the blog title correctly.

The Musher had been talking all week about going camping, and how wonderful it was, and all of the tasty things they cook out at the camp, and how peaceful and serene it was, and how it was essential to teach the Pretty Curly Tails how to camp and relax on the trail for the big Iditarod race, and blah blah, blah wonderful, you'll really like it Bet its soooooo much fun.


Ok, I was initially intrigued by the part where I got to assist in packing the tasty treat stuff, but was alarmed when no peanut butter was packed.  How can one survive in the wilds without peanut butter?  I was nearly frantic when we left without the waffle iron.  How can you survive without waffles?

Since we were dining al fresco, I wanted to wear my blue coat (it brings out  my furs) and matching blue booties, but we were suppose to be "roughing" it (without peanut butter and waffles) and Brittany said we would have a roaring camp fire and would be fine... its the LAST time I'm ever listening to Brittany.

The ride out to the camp was fine, nice warm heater in the truck and all.  Of course we were late because Mark just had to hit three stars on level 2-14 of Angry Birds Rio Smuggler's Den (whatever that is), and the Pretty Curly Tails beat us there.

They weren't happy about that because we had their food, so there was that whole tude from them about doing all the work and the LEAST you could do was get here on time, blah blah... prima donnas.

I don't know what they're complaining about, because before we even got the fire going we fed them, and at least they're covered in all that fluff when here I am, without my coat and booties running around in the snow making sure they got their stuff.

Hey!  Who has the truck keys?  I can't feel my toes!
Musher Mark started getting out campsite set up, which was a huge relief because that meant there would be warmth and a fire and tasty foods and stuff.

Then he yelled at me to get the firewood.  Um... excuse me?

I don't see the firewood truck coming down the road.
Apparently whoever arranged this whole camping thing didn't get the firewood order in on time because the truck never showed up.  This meant harvesting wood from fallen trees with an ax... I mean its like we were in the medieval days or something... like nobody could have pre-ordered wood on

Musher Mark chopped the wood, which is why I'm not writing about Brittany's visit to the hospital to reattach a leg, although we would have been back at civilization and warm buildings...

Pretty soon we had a roaring fire, and not a minute too soon because I'm pretty sure one of my toes fell off.

I fled to the safety of my blue chair (which would have perfectly matched my outfit if I hadn't been told we were "roughing" it), while everyone began to prepare our feast.

Can someone push my chair closer to the fire please?
Hot dogs were impaled on stick things and cooked over the fire.  It took forever... how did you people live before microwaves?  I mean seriously!

Hey, why are there only three hot dogs?
While I waited for dinner to be served, I figured I'd warm up my paws by sucking the body heat out of Musher Mark.

FINALLY the food was ready to eat.

Yes, I would like a bun, and some of the red stuff... not the yellow stuff, the red stuff
The red stuff... Brittany, the RED STUFF
Brittany, how many hot dogs are going to drop on the bench seat, those are yours, I'm not eating them.
 Finally she managed to get a dog in a bun, put the red stuff on, and ... hey.

Um, hello?  Did you forget something?
Yeah, that's better, although I would have preferred a plate, but I guess since we're "roughing" it.

As you probably guessed, by the time I got my food... it was cold.  Why bother burning it on the fire in the first place, I could have eaten hours ago!

After dinner I curled up with the Musher, who was sufficiently padded for the trail and a lot warmer than Musher Mark.

Thankfully the Pretty Curly Tails were restless and wanted to get moving again.  It helps that I bribed them with all of the hot dogs that Brittany dropped on the ground so they pretended to want to get home sooner than normal.

There was a problem with the ATV, but luckily I got to stay in the warm truck while they fixed it, and before too long I was back home and bundled in my blankets to try to raise my core temperature back to normal.

I hear there's plans for another "camping" trip soon... um, yeah, I think I'll pass on the next one, unless we can rent a camper with a microwave.

- Bet


Pat from MN, now in Lesotho said...

Thanks for the post, Bet. You always provide an interesting perspective to "life at NW." It appears that you did not get any toe massages while on the camping, er, I mean cramping trip. How sad.

Anonymous said...

OH Bet! I can totally understand your point of view. I'm not much of a camper either, unless there is electricty available!!

mushmore said...

Hey Bet
Just recieved your great Gee Haw mittens. I think they are very fashionalble and useful. You need them on your cramping trip. Take care

Anonymous said...

Bet, you are just the most entertaining BC on the planet! I loved that blog. The story was great and the photos added to the impact of the whole emotional stress you were suffering!
Looked like a fun trip to me!
Sitka's Mom, Lisa