Saturday, 26 November 2011

Catching Up On the InterWebs Part 1 - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone!  Its quite obvious that things are moving really fast around here now that the snows have started, so I'm really far behind on the weekly catching up on the Interwebs thing!

I'm going to make this into a two-parter, because there's just so many neat things that have happened recently, and when I say "neat" I mean: Things that happened that don't require me to be cold, wet, or get up early.

One of the Big BIG BIGGIE things is that the 2012 Iditarider auction is open for bidding, and yes, if you are in the Iditarod area and want to ride on the sled with the Pretty Sled Dogs and Musher for the opening ceremonies... you can!  Just go here and bid!  Iditarider

Isn't that cool! 

I don't know if I'm going to the Iditarod or not yet, that all depends on whether certain things happen, and other things don't happen, and some other stuff and things, but I'll let you know when I know.

Ok, so as I mentioned before, there is SNOW!  The training runs have been very pretty... I've seen the pictures.  I'm not crazy and getting up that early to go out, its too... cold and... early!

How cold is it?

Its THAT cold (the Musher is smiling... she likes cold, and so do the Pretty Curly Tails)

Pretty snow!

Happy Curly Tail snow

Since Rocket it still recovering her fluff from the whole not so preggers thing, I let her borrow my Gucci spa jacket again. 

She mentioned something about not giving it back.  Um, yeah, it doesn't take a Rocket... scientist to figure out the odds of you keeping that little missy.

So, the Musher has been VERY happy pleased with how the pups are pulling on the training trails this year.  She's especially enamored about the little white girls in the lead and pulling like champions.

Yes, that is Tramp on the right with her mouth open... by the way, Tramp still isn't sponsored and she's getting a bit sad about that.  She mentioned going to Chicago to fill the void of Oprah with her own talk show or so something.

The pups are doing so well on the trail that they are even challenging horses to drag races.

The Pretty Curly Tails won
The Camping is also going very well, except when Jack won't shut up.  But when he's not at the camp, the pups can relax, and Snert uses his handy TopDog pillow.

Snert also needs a sponsor still, and is willing to trade his comfy pillow for sponsorship.

It was also time for Charge's annual trip to the vet.  There's nothing wrong with him, he just likes to freak out the Musher every year this time of year and get a road trip to the vet.  Call it a tradition.

hehehe fooled her again
One of the fun things that happen on the trail is the annual "Smack a Handler off the Quad" competition.  There have been many fine competitors throughout the years, and its always challenging to find the right combination of speed, swerving, bumps, or branches that will dump a handler, but the Musher is one of the best in the quad competition.

This year's selection for best landing goes to: Brittany for best landing after branch upside the head.



Congratulations Brittany!

- Bet


Pat in MN said...

Sooo many great blogs and photos lately. Thanks to all the curly tails and humans for the arm chair entertainment - oh yes, and Bet too!

Anonymous said...

Bet, you are the best form of entertainment. I don't know how you manage it but you always have the most informative & funny stories. I am so glad you had such awesome photos to go along with your blog. Keep the stories coming our way & take good care of yourself so that you can accompany the "Musher" to the Iditarod. Wish I could be riding with her!
Sitka's Mom, Lisa