Sunday, 13 November 2011

Didja Notice? - Bet

Didja notice something new we added to the blog?

We (and when I say "we", I meant ME because I have to do everything around here) added a new feature to our blogs!

If you look at the bottom of the blog postings, you'll find something that looks like this:
This is a handy little toolbar thing we've added to let all of our readers tell us what you think of our blog posts, easily share the blog posts on the various and sundry social interwebs sites, rate the post, and if you thought it was funny, interesting, or cool!

Not only does it get our posts out there on the interwebs by sharing it with others (which we totally like), but we can tell by your ratings how much you like certain stuff, and then we'll post more about that stuff.

Neato, right?

Didja notice that some of our 2012 main string pups haven't been sponsored yet?

NO?  Well, some very good pups are still unsponsored, and frankly that makes them a bit cranky.

Astro threw a tempter tantrum on the trail the other day because Bang was teasing him about not having a sponsor.  He refused to get up and pull until he got his sponsor... for all we know he's still out in the middle of a field.


Casey sits on top of her house and stares at the Musher house waiting for word that someone has sponsored her.  She mumbles something about "red headed step child" and moving to Florida to start a moped rental business if she doesn't get sponsored soon.

If I diversify in bonds and mutual funds, I can sell short and buy a Tiki hut with my moped fleet

Skookum was hoping for Corporate Sponsorship, but then found out his name was based on a cartoon character, and his mood went downhill from there.

A cartoon character?  Its like being a Rockefeller... a Dwayne Rockefeller from Georgia... seriously?
Then there's Snert.  He's always being left behind, and was already told he's not a "key player" this year, but so far that hasn't stopped him from changing the Musher's mind.  Working really hard, going the extra mile to get noticed...

Hey, where is everyone going?  Nobody told me we were running today!
And of course... sigh... Tramp.  She really thinks that she's overshadowed by the Tramplings, and is feeling like one of those washed up, has-been movie stars.  She has watched "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" 3,000 times.  We don't let her near the cutlery.

Oh, Blanche? You know we've got rats in the cellar? 
So, if you feel compelled to sponsor any of these worthy pups, just head over to the sponsor a main string dog page and have at it... we all thank you!

- Bet

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