Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Rest Of The Story....

I love posting beautiful photos of my dogs at work. They inspire me everyday and when I can surround them with fabulous scenery ...well...what could be better!!

 The last couple days have been magnificent for picture taking. The trees have been heavy with fresh, crisp snow with hints of blue skies. So gorgeous!

 The dogs have been sharp and excited for the new snow too. It just doesn't get much better .... well ...maybe if I were on a sled instead of an ATV, but really, this is pretty darn good too!

 I do frequently get teased by those around me that I 'sugar coat' events for Facebook and the blog. Okay, I admit that I do do that sometimes. I do have great love and enthusiasm for my life - but everything is not always as 'sunshine and roses' as it might look in the blog.
Take yesterday - here is the photo I shared with everyone....

....but this was what things looked like moments after that picture!

I admit I was not smiling and dancing as I hacked away at snow covered branches.

I don't think my ATV was too happy with me either!

But really, in the end this... the memory I'm going to carry with me!!! So it is the one I'm going to share with y'all too!!

Happy Trails!


Natalie - Snowdrift Siberians said...

Well - I must have "lost my mind" - because I find every bit of that trail beautiful...branches and boring would life be if we only got the "roses" part every day...??? Cannot wait for our snow to get keep your photos coming until we have our own snow please....!

NCL said...

I love this post! So honest and such a great message in what we choose to make of situations. Thanks for sharing the whole story.

Caron said...

Well I agree with Natalie on the lost my mind part..
When one does sledding in any form being dryland etc mother nature has ways of tripping you up and testing your endurance, but its the parts when your dogs are working hard, the sun coming up, and hearing your dogs breathe in synchronisation that you realise this is all worth it.So snow, mud, rain bring it on I love to be in mother nature with my dogs :-)