Friday, 25 November 2011

It's Easy To Be Humble...

Today was a very pretty run.

Even though it was CRAZY windy whenever I was out of the trees.

A lot of the run was on gravel roads.

Normally the roads are pretty quiet but since it is getting close to the end of hunting season, there is a fair number of hunters puttering around.
The dog team seems to be of big interest to them, probably close to half a dozen stopped to take pictures today.  Of course, I don't mind at all. Sometimes we will stop and chat a bit but mostly I just wave as we trot by. Good distraction training for the dogs!

Today when we left the roads and headed back into the muskeg trails I ran into a father and son hunting on foot. When the ATV pulled up level with them I stopped and shut off the 4 wheeler to chat a bit. The hunters were clearly impressed by the dogs, who obediently and politely stopped when I asked and settled down for a break.
The men were moose hunting so I gave them a rundown of signs and sighting I had had in the area in the last few days. We chatted about the trails and then talk turned to the dogs.
The father asked if I was training for anything in particular.
"Are you familiar with the Iditarod?", I asked.
"Oh yes", he replied and his eyes widened when I said that what I was training for.
"It'll be my 10th one"
The men were clearly impressed with my well behaved Iditarod team and I sat up alittle straighter on my ATV.
He asked about the length of our run, number of dogs we had at home, and training methods before exchanging good wishes, shaking hands, etc.

I flicked the ATV back on and whistled up my professional and disciplined team. They leapt to their feet and surged into their harnesses.....
Well, that is all but my leaders did - and since I was busy 'showing off' I had failed to notice that Q and TopDog hadn't gotten back on their feet yet.
The 4 boys behind ran right over top of them, making a huge, tangled mess of the front of the team.
I jumped off the ATV and ran up front to make sure no disagreements broke out then started to undo the giant mess of Siberian macrame that the dogs had created.
So much for my slick, impressive departure.

As I leaned over Q to untangle his harness, I'm fairly certain I caught him winking at TopDog.

Glad the 'older' generation is teaching the 'younger' one how to keep me humble!!!

=) =) =) =)


Carol said...

Dogs will be dogs... :)

Natalie - Snowdrift Siberians said...

Our dogs definitely keep us humble... LOL... and being Siberians you can be pretty darn sure that it was "no accident"... :)

Bakavi said...

Oh Karen, that is just too funny. Look at the grin on that face. They thought they better let you know that they can really be in charge if they want to!!!

Wild Dingo said...

geez, you're not the ONLY one with "humility-trained" dogs... they always seem to embarass me right at the perfect moment... glad to know the pro's have them too!

but we all know siberian games. they totally planned it.

Wild Dingo said...

btw: that first shot is stunning.