Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Day - The Musher

I thought since Bet took the time to fill you in on a typical morning (which looks alot like the rest of her day too) - I'd fill you in on a 'typical' day for the rest of us at NorthWapiti.

I was up at 3:30 am - don't ask - but I puttered away on the computer a bit and watch a TV show we had recorded a week or so ago (the satellite was down this morning due to snow on the dish). Coffee was ready for Mark when he got up at 4:20 to get ready for work.
He was out the door just before 5, only to reappear about a half hour later. His truck was in the ditch on our 'driveway' (the mile long road that leads to the kennel - only a small portion of it is really our driveway - but since we were the only ones on the road when we moved here, we still consider it 'our driveway'). We had cup of coffee together while his much loved John Deere tractor warmed up. He was decked out in insulated Carhartts and on the tractor plowing us out before 6.

Brittany appeared at the house at 6 am - I'd say bright eyes and bushy tailed - but that would be a lie. She was conscious and moving - the only requirement of a handler at 6am. Unfortunately 'someone', who will remain nameless as I already teased her in this blog, forgot to take meat out last night to thaw for this mornings feeding. Mark had caught that while in the garage earlier and I had started a 'quick thaw' but it was still going to be a bit before we could feed. No harm. We had breakfast, Brittany helped Mark retrieve his truck and I did some laundry. Mark headed out to attempt the trip to work again - but not before crawling up on the roof and cleaning off the internet and TV dishes!!! (YEAH!!).

By 9 am Brittany and I had the yard fed and Brittany was playing the always fun game of 'hide and seek in the new snow' with the dogs and their poop.

I made up the team list for the day, got a meal in the slow cooker, finished up laundry, and a few other things before we started hooking up dogs at 11:30.

LOVE this picture of Crunch with the flakes of snow on the end of his nose!!
Snap demonstrates another use for a neckline!!! "Let's get this show on the road"

We are still on the ATV but it was FABULOUS to be out on actual snow!!!! The dog's feet were VERY happy too!! Quickly though I remembered the drawback of a good dump of fresh, wet, sticky snow - heavy, snow covered branches hanging over the trail.

I don't think I've ever seen it so bad. Brittany and I were literally POUNDED by branches. We were covered in snow - and I was even sporting a touch of blood from taking one branch square in the face.

The run was GREAT though. My leaders Wifi and TopDog did such a fabulous job of busting through the trees and breaking trail - especially TopDog. That dog is the on 'fast track' to main leader status. I am more and more pleased with him on each run!!!

We all came back wet and therefore cold, but still smiling! The dogs were fed and put away before we headed into the house to warm up (Coffee and a HOT, HOT shower for me!).

Then time to finish up dinner (pulled pork on homemade bannock buns, baked beans, sauteed zucchini and corn) (and write this blog!!) so it was ready when Mark got home at 7pm .

Dishes, a bit of TV,  then Brittany and I will feed the main string their dinner at 8:30.

Then time for bed. A good, good day.

Bet, I hope we didn't made too much noise and keep you awake!!! Thanks for keeping the bed warm.


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Anonymous said...

That's one heck of a day. I bet you sleep well once your head hits the pillow. I got tired just reading it! Still loving the blogs about life @ NW. It's very interesting to me, Sitka's Mom Lisa