Sunday, 5 February 2012

Even More New Stuffs - Bet

Whoosh, howdy ho everybodies.  Its the very tired for a non-roving Border Collie Reporter getting a lot of exercise around here, Bet!

Just wanted to announce that even more cooler stuffs has been posted to the Photographer Minion auction to benefit the Musher and the Pretty Curly Tails!

There are a couple of these really cool pull-over rain jackets that the Musher gets from the wonderful sponsor of Pretty Curly Tails: Eagle Pack to give to her Iditarod handlers!  If you wear one of these around town, people will shriek with joy and want your autograph because they'll think you actually handled and touched one of the Pretty Curly Tails!   Be careful though... its SIGNED by the Musher herself!

There are also a few of these out there, its a t-shirt with the very first North Wapiti Iditarod logo on them!  Once again, if you wear one of these out in public, we can't be responsible for being surrounded by adoring Pretty Curly Tail fans and these are signed by the Musher too!

As you may (or may not... where have you been if you don't ... really?) know, the Musher has lost a lot of weight to prepare for the 2012 Iditarod, and so she's auctioning off some of her awesome clothes and stuffs.  Yes, I know... you think that the Musher just lives in parkas and carhartts and junk, but she's actually quite stylish and cleans up real nice when she and Musher Mark go out on the town.

Here is a really nice leather jacket she's putting up for auction.  Its got removable belts and hoods and a zipper and... ok, just go up to the auction and read all about it, its really comfortable (I know, I've slept on it)

There's oodles more stuffs up there since the last time I posted.  All of it is either signed or has some really cool history to it, so this is your chance to get a little piece of North Wapiti for your very own!

Another addition to the North Wapiti shop is the Memorial Page.  We've had some people's that want to help out the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails run the Iditarod, and they wanted to also do something in the memory of someone they lost in their lives.

We've put up a page for memorials just for that.  We are asking for a minimum $20 donation (or whatever more you want to donate), then follow the directions on the memorial page and the Cartoonist (if she's not in a Nyquil haze) will promptly put up your memorial for everyone to see.  The memory of your loved one will go with the Musher and Pretty Curly tails on the Iditarod trail in March 2012.

Go the top right hand side of the blog and look for this button thingie:

Click it and follow the directions.  Easy Peasy.

That's about it for now... keep watching the auction page, there may be more items added that are small, fluffy, and apparently have some issues with figuring out that baa baa sheepie things DON'T HAVE BLACK FURS AND WEAR A PURPLE COLLAR!

- Bet


Rascal, also a BC said...

Bet, it is now apparent that you have not read Bunnies for Dummies...alas, you have a situation which will only get worse by the day. Hopefully Musher Karen will forgive your lapse in judgment.

Louise Midkiff said...

Bet. Simply turn around and go the other way. The bunny thingies will then turn around and go the other way; you will be behind THEM, and you can run all around behind them making sure none get out of the little circle you've decided they should be in and it will be great fun, not at all embarassing.