Saturday, 18 February 2012

True Story - Bet

This is a true story... no really, this actually happened!

Musher Mark and I needed a bit of out of the house time, what with the annoying herdy bunny things and stuffs, so we took off for the Perryvale post office to get the mail and maybe do a little retail therapy, maybe get a facial and our nails done (ok, that's what I wanted to do).

We figured we'd take the Musher's Highlander since it hadn't been out on the road lately.  It needs new tires and stuffs and frankly it could stand an air freshener while they're at it, I'm just saying.

So, we toodled down the mile long gravel road with no problem.  Once we hit the real road, ol lead foot hit the gas and we were zooming along at about 60 mph and started to hear this strange noise.  It was a cross between metal on metal and someone squeezing a gaseous marmoset.

What is that horrible noise????
Musher Mark thought that maybe one of the tires were low, so he turned down the radio and slowed down a bit, but the noise was still there!

Dude, seriously, you need to check out that noise!
So, Musher Mark pulled the Highlander over and got out to see if he could figure out where the noise was coming from and found Bait on the roof:

That cat is crazy!

- Bet


Cathy Galuska-Seidel said...

Bet, is this really true, or you just trying to make us smile after reading the moose story? At any rate, it worked. I hope you put Bait in the car!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khyra is hoping Butterscotch and BroFur would be happy with a ride in the basket of The Xterr!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I just got finished reading about the rouge moose. I was so scared for The Musher, Richard and dogs!
Then I come here and almost have an accident because I'm laughing so hard.
Yep ---- The highs and lows. LOL
Bet - you are priceless!!
Thank you for your view on things.

Steve said...

Squeezing a gaseous marmoset?!! lolololololol

Pat in MN said...

My, the leaves and grass are really green around Perryvale this time of the year. Good thing the cartoonist put some snow in the last "photo." Yes, some good comic relief after the awful moose story. Good thing Richard is in AK to give Curly Tail massages - they probably all need one after that experience - eat your heart out, Bet.

granimar said...

Oh Bet, you are just what the doctor ordered, honestly----good belly laugh for me.

The Thundering Herd said...

A Cat on a Cold Tin Roof? Really?

Barbara said...

Good one Kirk. Hope your mom has a wonderful time in AK. And I too hope Bait rode inside the car the rest of the way.

Barbara and Jerry Lake said...

I bet Bait left some deep scratch marks on the top of the Highlander trying to hold on. But after seeing him napping on our motor home roof at your place, I guess we should be lucky we didn't take him to Alaska with us!

Shirly said...

Bet you are so so funny. I don,tknow if the cat was up there or not, but I had a good laugh after the scarey moose account. I hope you enjoyed your ride and the cat went in the car. No snow in Canada? We don,t have any right now in Missouri a little here and there. Thankfully Alaska has it all. Stay safe Bet and get somemore rides in the car.

Anonymous said...

Did Bait get a massage after the wild ride? Any great retail therapy finds? Inquiring minds want to know.

Very good story, Bet.

Marcia from warm and green PA

Anonymous said...

That is one of the funniest things I have ever read! Poor Bait! I can't believe he held on like that! You have such a way of telling stories , Bet, you just crack me up!
Sitka(Cols OH) & his Mom