Sunday, 19 February 2012

Scenes of Iditarod Prep - Bet

First off everybodies, the Bait story is completely and utterly true!!!  Bait has already put out a sworn affidavit to that affect and will post it later today.  I wrote it all down for him and he signed it.

Secondly, I have to recycle some pictures to tell the stories because the Musher has all of the cameras in Willow.  This makes reporting events here at North Wapiti a bit difficult, so I'm forced to use stick figures, shadow puppets, and the cartoonist (who we all know isn't very reliable).

Thirdly, here are some scenes from last week before the evil Mooses incident, where the Musher and Richard were busy gathering all of the goodies and stuffs that all of you, North Wapiti adoring fans helped provide for the drop bags!

Step One: throw everything in the snow... in piles... in order of the checkpoints.

Step Two: Throw more stuff in there... Hey Skookum, here's all of your checkpoint goodies!

Step Three: take goodies from the shipping boxes, to the appropriate piles, trying really hard not to snack on the goodies while you pack the goodies (please note: no goodies were harmed in the making of the snack bags).

Step Four: discuss whether you already threw in one type of goodie, or didn't throw in one type of goodie, then dump the bag only to discover that you already threw in one type of goodie and have to start over because you have one goodie too many.

Step Five: Get a close up picture of a finished checkpoint bag.

Step Six: line them up all pretty and then haul them off to get flash freezed and shipped to the Iditarod peoples for distribution and stuffs.

And that is how you prepare checkpoint bags for the Iditarod.

There will be a test tomorrow.

- Bet


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a khool name for a skhhool...

I go to Iditarod Prep!

Anonymous said...

WOW that's quite a bit of prep work for those snacks & goodies!