Saturday, 25 February 2012

NW Willow Week On The Interwebs - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Its that time of the week for the Weekly Interwebs wrap up of stuffs and things!

There was some uneventful camping adventures that didn't involve mooses, although mooses were seen, they kept their distance.

You lookin at me?
 On top of playing "Hide and go Moose", the Estrogen Express kicked into high gear with all of the Pretty Curly Tail girls going into season.   You may recall the Estrogen Express during the La Ronge Neckbone Sled Dog Race last year.

Ice cream, cake, cupcakes, shoes, martinis anyone?
Richard sure has a way with the girls, as you can see during a break with Tess and Smartie

No, that harness doesn't make your butt look fat!

The Musher took 'Team Testicle' on their daily run

Buffalo wings, football, tools, who wants a beer?
So, here's what I don't get.  The Musher says its hot there.  Its 19 degrees... there's feets of snow... and she says its hot.  The Pretty Curly Tails think so too...

Frankly, I'd be all bundled up in my matching ensemble and have some of those hand warmer things in various places in all that snow and stuffs, but the Pretty Curly Tails want COLD weather.

Tongue thermometer reads 19 degrees
Which leads to a common question that the Musher gets... how do you get all of those really cool photos while on the sled and moving?  The Musher is a most excellent photographer, with nerves of steel and years of practice taking pictures from the back of the sled.  Richard is also an excellent photographer, and also pretty bendy, which is how he captured the shot above... by doing this

... and for his next trick...
Besides... how can you ever get a BAD picture of the Pretty Curly Tails?

I have also been informed that there is a possibility of Crunchie and Tramp puppies in the future.  I've already proclaimed them as the Cramplings, and I'm on the Interwebs shopping for new ear plugs.

- Bet


Shirly said...

Well Bet I love your pictures and explanation of the new teams girls and boys. Oh Crunchie puppies will be adorable, and Bet you can learn to like them. You have to share your love you know. Can,t wait to see them in the future.

Susan said...

So does this mean Trampie doesn't get to go running to Nome?

Caron said...

hmm I really need to get my arse over to the States I tell you :-)