Friday, 10 February 2012

North Wapiti Willow Update - From Richard

The musher will be spending the night out on the trail of the Willow 100 Junior competition as a race marshal.

Here she is laying down the law to the Willow 100 junior competitors.

Meanwhile, back at North Wapiti Willow headquarters:


Summit the Super Mal said...

Ummm...shouldn't Richard be holding a Red Solo Cup with the Red Solo Pup on his lap?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Vern Halter's place. My husband and I went to the Iditarod on a tour and part of our tour was going to Vern's place for a dog sled ride. It was truly the highlight of our trip. Vern and his wife were great host to our group.

Doug and JoAnn Solberg
Gig Harbor, WA

Mrs Richard said...

Can't be Richard he has never watched
football in his life!!!

The Cartoonist said...

The Pretty Curly Tails got control of the remote and like to watch the ball get kicked around Mrs. Richard.

Mrs Richard said...

That explains it then!!