Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Story of ME - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies,

By special request from the Facebooks, its the story of ME!

Well, actually, the story of me was told long ago by my former home.  I'm an Alta-Pete Border Collie, one of THE bestest types of Border Collies (if I do say so myself).  Although Scott and Jenny were really nice and all... they had such high expectations for baa baa sheepy herdy dogs like myself.  They actually expected us to... herd sheep!  No really... I KNOW! 

Baa baa sheepy herding competition is really stressful!  Its not like I was just out there moving sheepie things around and stuff, they expected us to herd them all where they told us to herd them and used some weird lingo like "on by"... what?  Or "away to me"... well, what is it?  You want me to go away, or come to you????

On top of everything else, baa baa sheepie things not only smell like wet blankets ALL THE TIME, but Scott and Jenny wouldn't let me wear fashionable matching ensembles out in the field.  no really... I KNOW!!!!  There's this whole thing where we're suppose to lay on the grass to "hold" the sheepie things and the grass is all wet and it smells like sheepie thing stuffs and things and euw euw!!!  I gotta lay in cold, wet, wet blanket smelly grasses without so much as a slicker or perhaps cape with matching booties?

It was dreadful!!  Plus the other Border Collies made fun of me.

Luckily, right about the time when the family decided that I was "washed out" of competitive baa baa sheepie herding, the Musher reached out to a friend, who reached out to her friend, and then a few weeks later once I hitched a ride over to North Wapiti, I knew this is where I was needed.

I wrote my letter of resignation, traded my sheepie herdy collar for an official North Wapiti collar (which I've since traded in for my stylish purple collar with gold accents and name plate that goes with my array of scarves) and have never looked back.

Scott and Jenny were glad that I found something I liked to do and even posted some FABulous pictures of me.  They also did a blog post about the various and sundry other non-herdy Border Collies that found new careers (including myself).

Oh sure, I miss the ol gang and all, but North Wapiti is my home and I wouldn't trade it for all of the waffles in the world... well... no, no I wouldn't.

- Bet


Bakavi said...

I love you Bet. You made a wise choice! (smile)
You are doing an excellent job.
Give Cricket a hug too.

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, Bet! Tell the cartoonist, I love her 'cause she made me look thin!

Caron said...

Very cool to see Bet's history and to check out Alta Pete webpage!

Shirly said...

Well Bet you now have the good life and we like your talk on the blog. Just keep it going during the race so we know what is going on. Your good reporter.

thecrazysheeplady said...

This is awesome :-D.