Monday, 27 February 2012

What The Sheep... Dog - Bet


When I got the e-mail from the Musher saying that she had the answer to the herdy bunnie issue, I was dancing for joy!  She said that she had met the most wonderful sheep named Maggie and was thinking of bringing her home!

Finally!  Now something those pesky herdy bunnies could herd around!

Oh sure, it would be yet another thing I'd have to care for around the house, what with my duties to herd the Pretty Curly Tails, train puppies, whip up a tasty souffle in my spare time when I'm not online shopping for fabulous matching ensembles, or napping, but if it meant the herdy bunnies would leave me alone, I'm all for it!

Send me a picture of this Maggie Sheepie thing!

And she did...

Um... wait a minute

That's not a sheepie thing!  That's a sheepie thing dog!

That's a sheepie thing dog on MY musher's lap!!!


There's no way, no how another dog, let alone a sheepie thing dog is coming to live in MY house, sitting on MY Musher's lap!

I'm stuck here while my personal crampy toe massager and MY musher is in another country with random sheepie thing dogs sitting on them.... pfffft.

Thankfully Maggie, the sheepie thing dog belongs to Sarah and Pat, some friends of the Musher and Donna Photographer minion and won't be coming here.

Haha, yeah, you got me... funny... real funny.... did I mention that somehow your pillow got out in the dog yard Musher?

- Bet

1 comment:

Shirly said...

Bet I think you a jeslous girl!!
Wait till some real sheep one day show up and it says work Bet work Bet. Your soft life might change.
Love the pictures.